Why Are Surfboards So Expensive Today?

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Why Are Surfboards So Expensive Today and will be expensive for years to come?

Why Are Surfboards So Expensive today

If you are just getting into surfing, and you are looking at the prices of surfboards, you may wonder why they are so expensive.

There are so many different types that are available, each designed for different people such as for older surfers or surfboards for big guys, as well as different types of water-based activities such as the grovelers surfboard.

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The size of the surfboard, the material that is made of, and the manufacturer can all contribute to a low or high price.

Here is an overview of why surfboards are so expensive today, and how you can find one that is reasonably priced.

Different Types Of Surfboards

Before you start to get prices on surfboards, you should first consider the many different types that are sold.

There are shortboards which are used for surfing contests, and fish surfboards that have a round nose and are much wider. There are also those called the gun, longboard, and also the Malibu.

Three other types include the funboard, foamboard, and the body board. The one that you choose will be dependent upon your size, your experience level, and the type of surfing that you will want to do.

What If You Are A Beginner?

There are several that are perfect for beginners. Some of them are called Wavestorm, Liquid Shredder, and the Modern Blackfish. If you are an experienced surfer, you may want to choose one that is longer such as the Malibu or the longboard.

In fact, when people first took notice of Hawaiian surfers, they were almost all using longboards. It was part of their culture, and as time passed and the sport became popularized, the many different types that we have today were designed and manufactured.

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Surfboard?

As you might guess, the most popular type of surfboard will be the shortest. That is because they are also the easiest to use. For a professional surfer, they might prefer this type of surfboard because they respond very quickly to even the most subtle movements.

Conversely, even though longboards are used by many professionals, they are not designed for the trickiest maneuvers.

The only thing you cannot do on shortboards is use a paddle effectively, but that is probably something that you would want to use on a longboard for leisurely activities. Check out the best surfboard for small waves post.

How Much Do Surfboards Cost?

At the low end, you will pay about $100 for a basic short board. This is because they are mass-produced, made for the general public, and can be found at many stores and online.

If you are serious about surfing, and craftsmanship is important to you, you will pay about $500.

The reason for the increase in the cost is because of the amount of time it will take to shape the board, use fiberglass, sand the board, and eventually paint it in a stylistic manner.

As far as the most expensive surfboard, these are typically made of very rare types of wood, and may even incorporate gold. One of the most expensive ever sold was called the Rampant, made by a man in New Zealand that sold it for over $1 million.

Why Are Some Surfboards So Expensive?

Originally, surfboards were made of wood. The lumber was carved by hand, which included pressing the lumber together and sanding it manually.

The lighter ones were made of what is called balsa wood, and the heavier ones were made of cedar or redwood.

Today, they are primarily made of polyurethane, layered with fiberglass, and sealed with an epoxy resin.

This allows them to be extremely light, but more importantly, they can be produced rapidly by machines.

It is because of this that most people today are able to pick up surfboards at local stores, ones that are very light and easy to use.

In regard to the expense for surfboards, those that are mass-produced are very inexpensive.

You will only pay an extreme amount of money when they are made by hand, made of wood, and decorated in a specific manner.

If you want to get a surfboard that is inexpensive, you need to purchase those that are made with polyurethane.

These are the type that you will find sold worldwide at stores that sell surfboards. If you want something that is more authentic, this is where you will pay top dollar for them.

It just depends on how much money you want to spend, and how important it is for you to have an authentic surfboard, similar to those that were used by the Hawaiians when surfing was something that only the Hawaiian culture did years ago.

Finally, if you don’t want to pay top dollar, but you do not want something that everyone else has, you can choose something that is several hundred dollars and originates from specialty companies that make unique ones for surfers.

This will allow you to get a surfboard that will be fairly light, easy to use, and will likely be one-of-a-kind when produced by a specialty company. So hope you get the idea of why are surfboards so expensive.