How to Wax a Foam Surfboard the Right Way

The Right Way To Wax A Foam Surfboard Many beginners often want to know whether they should wax a soft-top or foam surfboard. The experts suggest that you should be waxing the foam boards. This is because the soft top boards with a super grippy deck are rare, which means the majority of boards will … Read more

How To Dry Out A Waterlogged Surfboard

One of the common questions you may ask is how to dry out a waterlogged surfboard. If you have had your surfboard for many years, you may have noticed that it is not performing as it once did. Cracks may have developed on the underside, and you may believe that it has become waterlogged. There … Read more

How Often Should you Wax Your Surfboard

How Often Should You Wax Your Surfboard On an Average If you have been searching for many years, and you have a surfboard that you take care of, you know that waxing your surfboard regularly can be very helpful. There are different types of wax that you can use, some of which is much better … Read more

How to Paint a Surfboard After Glassing

Everything tends to lose its fine and colorful look after being used for a while including surfboards. This doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have to get a replacement when that happens. You can repaint your surfboard and get a much better look with your customized shades. Looking for a new board such as for … Read more

Why Are Surfboards So Expensive Today?

Why Are Surfboards So Expensive Today and will be expensive for years to come? If you are just getting into surfing, and you are looking at the prices of surfboards, you may wonder why they are so expensive. There are so many different types that are available, each designed for different people such as for … Read more