Best Surfboard for Catching Waves: 2020 Buying Guide

Whether you are an amateur trying to find a surfboard to rent or an intermediate to advanced surfer looking to buy one, choosing the right surfboard is vital. Do not merely go for the flashiest brand and forget about the fundamentals that can make or break your surfing experience. Factors to consider while choosing a […]

4 Best Drysuit for Surfing- 2020 Guide|Must Read

Drysuits are designed to help keep your body warm and dry when you are in cold weather. They are great for use in harsh weather conditions or when the temperature falls below 55°F, as they are highly insulated and made from many layers of fabric. While they are not normally worn as often as wetsuits […]

Finding the Best Grommet Surfboard|Buying Guide 2019

There are all sorts of surfboards out there, but not every surfboard will suit every rider. Younger riders who are still developing their skills are often better off with surfboards that are easier to ride. If you are looking for small waves surfboard or for river surfing check the post here and here. Surfing is a […]