How to caulk windows outside on brick

Any gap in the window frame can lead to leakage. Such leakage can impact the furniture inside. It also makes it difficult for you to avoid mold and mildew inside your home. The best way to solve this problem is to caulk windows outside on the brick. However, not everyone is familiar with the procedure. … Read more

How often should you re caulk your RV

We all know that re caulking your RV is a necessity from time to time. However, most people aren’t aware of the frequency at which they should re caulk the RV. Are you too one of them? If so, worry not! Today, we will answer this question and help you understand when it makes sense … Read more

How to re caulk a Camper

Recaulking a camper from time to time is a necessity. To do so, you have to follow the correct procedure. Only then you will be able to seal your camper. For the same, we will highlight the step-by-step procedure below. How to re caulk a camper?To recaulk a camper, you have to choose the right … Read more

What type of caulk to use on RV Exterior

When you use the caulk on the RV exterior, you will be able to prevent leakage, cover the cracks, and you can easily improve the structural integrity of the RV as well. You can do all of this and more only when you use the right type of caulk on the RV exterior. The question … Read more

What happens if you caulk over old caulk?

The general practice is to remove the old caulk and then apply the newer one. However, at times you might apply the new caulk over the older one. However, before you do so, it is time to understand what will happen when you apply the new caulk over the older one. That is what we … Read more

How to remove dicor lap sealant from fiberglass?

Dicor lap sealant is one of the best options when you want to seal horizontal RV surfaces. It works with various types of materials, including fiberglass. However, at times you might have to reward for the application or for servicing. Wondering how to do so? Worry not! Today, we will help you understand how to … Read more