How to remove self leveling sealant from concrete?

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Self-leveling sealants can serve you well. However, at times you might have to remove them from a surface as well. Especially, when you need to remove them from surfaces like concrete, you have to figure out the right way to do so.

Today, we will help you understand how to remove self leveling sealant from concrete?

We will share with you multiple ways to do so.

How to remove self leveling sealant from concrete?

There are essentially two ways in which you can remove self-leveling sealant from concrete, that are mechanical removal and chemical removal. We will go into the details of both these methods below.

1. Mechanical removal:

The mechanical method involves using a sander, knife, or grinder to remove the self-leveling sealant from concrete.

With this method, you might be able to remove the self-leveling sealant, but the concrete surface might experience wear and tear as well.

The reason for the same is because these are brute-force ways to remove the sealant from concrete.

They will result in noise as well as dust.

If you have worked on finishing the concrete surface after installing it, this method will also deteriorate that finish.

That is why, unless and until necessary, you shouldn’t use the mechanical method.

2. Chemical removal:

The method which we are highlighting now is much gentler at removing the self leveling sealant from concrete. We are asking you to use a chemical stripper for the same.

Another advantage of this method is that there are three different types of chemical removers that you can use. We will go into the details of all these below.

· Caustic Removers:

The caustic removers consist of alkaline chemicals. The alkaline chemicals will distract the layer of the self-leveling sealant. That is why; removing it from the concrete surface indeed becomes easier for you.

The advantage is that concrete is relatively unaffected by them, and therefore, they are the perfect solution when you want to remove the self-leveling sealant from concrete.

· Solvent Based removers:

If the quantity of self-leveling sealant you want to remove is limited, it is a good idea to use solvent-based removers. The job of these removers is to melt away the self-leveling sealant.

Another advantage of solvent based removers is that you need to use them in limited quantities. Once the job is done, they often evaporate due to the presence of alcohol in them. That is why; cleaning any residue indeed becomes easier for you when you’re using this.

The need to use them in limited quantity and the quick removal of self levelling sealant certainly make them a good choice.

· Biomechanical removers:

These have also become quite famous in the last five years. They have become popular due to the small carbon footprint which they have. In a way, they are the most eco-friendly of the lot. They consist of ingredients like citric acid, soya oil, pine oil, and so on.

Once you apply them, they will reduce the adhesion power of the sealant, and therefore removing it becomes easy. If you do not want the impact the environment or the plants nearby, this is the remover which you should use.

As you can see, when it comes to chemical removal, you have these three options.

Once you follow our guide above, you will easily remove the self-leveling sealant from concrete. We have highlighted multiple ways which can help you do so.