How to Remove Old Caulk from RV

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The best practice is to always remove the old caulk from the surface of the RV before applying the new one. If you apply the new caulk over the old one, there are quite a few disadvantages.

However, to do so, you need to use the right procedure. Fortunately, there are multiple techniques that you can use to remove old caulk from our way. We will today highlight all these techniques below.

How to remove old caulk from RV?

To remove caulk from RV, you can use a heat gun, a putty knife, a scraper, or use a hairdryer. All these techniques are effective in removing the old caulk. However, the result which you get will vary depending on the technique which you use.

We will go into the details of all these techniques below.

1. Use a heat gun:

The very 1st technique you can use to remove the old caulk is to use a heat gun. When you apply the heat gun to the caulk, it is likely to turn them. After that, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe it clean.

However, you need to apply the heat gun on the caulk and not on the RV surface. Only then can you avoid damaging the RV surface.

Knowing how to use a heat gun is the best way to remove all the caulk.

2. Use a putty knife:

Another alternative which you have is to use a putty knife. The putty knife can be used to remove the caulk with brute force.

Once again, you have to be careful that you do not end up damaging the RV surface.

There is always a risk that you might end up damaging the RV surface if you’re using a putty knife.

3. Use a scraper:

If you need a more blunt tool that allows you to remove the caulk from the RV surface, you can use a scraper. The risk of damaging the surface of the RV is lower when using a scraper. The scraper is not as sharp as the knife. However, you can buy the scraper in various sizes, which means that if you want to remove a greater quantity of caulk, you can certainly do so.

4. Use a hairdryer:

If you do not have a heat gun, you can use a hairdryer to apply heat to the old caulk. However, you have to vary the heat setting depending on the state of the old caulk.

Only when you think that it has melted or has become damp can you use a rag or a microfiber cloth to remove the old caulk from the RV surface.

The hairdryer’s heat is limited, and therefore the probability that the RV surface might get damaged is pretty limited.

Keeping this in mind, a hairdryer is undoubtedly a much better choice than the heat gun if you want to remove old caulk from RV.

There are essentially four different ways to remove the old caulk from the RV. Once you go through our guide above, it is easy to choose the right method convenient for you to execute.

A lot also depends on the quantity of the caulk which you want to remove. If it is a limited quantity, you can use a putty knife, scraper, or hairdryer. Only when the quantity is more can you use a heat gun.