How to re caulk a Camper

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Recaulking a camper from time to time is a necessity. To do so, you have to follow the correct procedure. Only then you will be able to seal your camper.

For the same, we will highlight the step-by-step procedure below.

How to re caulk a camper?
To recaulk a camper, you have to choose the right caulk, remove the old caulk, clean the area, apply the new caulk and let it dry.

We will go into the details of all the steps below.

  1. Choose the right caulk:
    The choice of the caulk will always be dependent on the surface on which you want to apply it. If it is the exterior surface, you have to go with the silicon-based caulk. That is because it can handle the elements of weather and has a long lifespan.

Another option you have when dealing with the RV exterior is to go for the polyurethane-based or the self-leveling caulk. It will ensure that you need not spend a lot of time leveling the caulk and reapplying it repeatedly.

That is why; the very 1st step you need to undertake is choosing the right caulk.

  1. Remove the old caulk:
    After that, you have to work on removing the old caulk layer. It does not make any sense to apply the new caulk over the old caulk. The new caulk will not stick. It will not be able to level itself as well.

To remove the old caulk, you can use a heat scraper gun or putty knife. The choice is yours.

If you want to remove it without a lot of effort, a heat gun or a hairdryer is the perfect option. However, you have to carefully control the heat to ensure that you do not end up damaging the surface underneath.

  1. Clean the area:
    You never know what you might find on the surface beneath the old caulk. It can be vegetation growth, or it can be corrosion, or it can be anything else. You have to clean that area thoroughly. If it is corrosion, you have to use chemicals to clean the area. If it is vegetative growth, mold, or mildew, you have to remove that with the help of chemicals.

Only when the area is clean, you have to proceed towards the next step.

  1. Apply new caulk:
    After that, you have to apply the new caulk. If it is the self-leveling caulk, you won’t have to worry about making the proper level. However, if you opt for the silicone caulk, you will have to put some effort into leveling it.

Nevertheless, the application of the new caulk should be in a single session. Only then can you get the desired outcome, and the structural integrity of the caulk will be maintained.

  1. Let it dry:
    After the application of the caulk is complete, it is essential to let the camper dry for at least 24 hours. If it is the monsoons, you have to let the camper dry for at least 72 hours. Only after that you can start using the camper.

Always remember that the caulk needs some time to settle down. That is why it is best not to use the camper during that time.

During this time, the camper should be in a cool and dry place away from the sunlight.

So, recaulking the camper is not a difficult task. To do so, you have to just follow the 5 steps highlighted above. Doing so will ensure that you can recaulk the camper in a little time without much effort.