How often should you seal your rv roof?

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Sealing the roof of your RV is a necessity. Otherwise, there is always a risk of leakage. However, you shouldn’t reseal your RV roof again and again.

This brings us to the essential question of how often should you seal your RV roof?

The article below will answer that question and guide you through sealing the RV roof.

How often should you seal your RV roof?
Ideally, you should seal the RV roof once every 10 years. A lot also depends on the type of weather that you face in your area.

When you do so, it is essential to understand the type of sealants you should use. The sealant will determine the frequency of sealing and what kind of weather the RV roof can handle. We will highlight different types of sealants which you can use below.

What types of sealants can you use to seal your RV roof?
There are essentially four choices that you have when it comes to sealing your RV roof. We will go into the details of these four below.

  1. Transparent sealant:
    The transparent sealant is highly elastic. Not only that, the elasticity varies according to the temperature as well as the windy conditions. That is why; cracking and flaking of such a sealant will not take place. As compared to other options, it lasts long. That is why it is an excellent choice when you face inclement weather throughout the year.
  2. Liquid rubber coating:
    The liquid rubber coating is entirely waterproof. It is built explicitly for waterproofing the RV roofs and home roofs. Not only that, the rubber properties ensure that it is elastic as well. That is why it does not crack often.

The water-based design means that application is easy. You can apply it even when the surface is cold. Once it solidifies into a membrane, the level of protection it provides to your roof is excellent.

  1. Acrylic cladding:

Acrylic cladding is a bit heavier as compared to the other sealants. However, the fortification which the acrylic cladding can provide is excellent. Not only that, it can easily last for up to 12 years as well. That is why you can delay re-application by another two years. However, it does have an impact on the mileage of the RV. You have to keep this factor in mind and after that choose the acrylic one.

  1. Reflective coating:
    The reflective coating is another variant of the acrylic coating. The advantage is that it reflects most of the light. That is why; the temperature of the roof does not increase. Also, the life span of the coating is higher due to the same. The level of protection which it provides is also higher.

If you do not mind giving up some mileage to increase the life span of the RV on the roof, the reflective coating is undoubtedly a good choice.

These are the four types of sealants that you can use when looking to seal your RV roof.

Ideally, you should seal your RV roof once every 10 years. You have to choose the sealant pretty carefully to ensure that you provide proper protection to the roof of your RV. Our guide above can help you with a sealant and the frequency of sealing the RV roof.