How to Store Canoe for Winter – The Right Way

Storing Your Canoe In The Winter While you can enjoy your canoe for most of the year, you’ll want to keep it safely stored away in the winter season. Properly storing your canoe can prevent damage during this cold and icy season. If your canoe is properly stored, you’ll be able to use and enjoy … Read more

How to Transport Canoe in Pickup – Easy Way

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Using A Pickup To Transport A Canoe When many people go camping, they bring along a canoe so they can go rafting and truly enjoy the outdoors. This is a bit easier to do when you are traveling in an RV, bus or another very large vehicle. if you are … Read more

5 Best Canoe Anchors 2021 – Buying guide

Canoeing is a great outdoor activity that stresses more on moving forward. However, if you are canoeing enthusiasts or one who likes canoeing once in a while, then there are various accessories tailored to making canoeing much more enjoyable and efficient. Some of these accessories are meant to help you achieve your goal without breaking … Read more