Getting the Best Canoe Roof Rack 2021 – Buying Guide

A canoe roof rack is a basic fundamental accessory that every paddler should consider investing in. Do you know why? Simply due to transportation challenges and the overall cost involved in transportation.  Arguably, due to innovation, all these hustles can be simplified, and therefore, reducing the overall cost of transporting your canoe, thanks to the … Read more

4 Best Canoe Motor Mount – Buying guide and FAQ

A motor mount is an integral part of a powered canoe as it connects the canoe to the motor without affecting the angle, which could result in reduced efficiency if tampered with. For optimum efficiency, a mount also needs to securely hold the motor, without allowing for the slightest wobbling. If you’re in pursuit of … Read more

Top 4 Best Canoe Hats 2021|Buying Guide

Canoeing involves paddling a canoe for exploration, leisure, or navigation. That means you are probably going to spend hours in the sun or harsh weather. Are you excited about your next canoeing adventure? Your equipment list may involve selecting food, gears, canoe, clothing, and much more. You probably missed finding a comfortable hat to stay … Read more