Can you put paintable caulk over silicone

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Many times, the area over which you want to apply the paintable caulk can have a silicone layer beneath. The question which then arises is, can you put paintable caulk over silicone?

Below, we will answer this question and also share with you the justifications for our answers.

Can you put paintable caulk over silicone?
No, you cannot put paintable caulk over silicone. In most cases, the caulk will not remain in place. That is why there is no point in taking such a lot of effort to put the caulk over silicone.

Why shouldn’t you put paintable caulk over silicone?
Silicone consist of oils. When you apply paintable caulk over silicone, the oil will not allow the caulk to settle in. Not only that, the adhesion power of the paintable caulk will reduce. That is why, even if it dries down, it will not provide the same level of adhesion, and therefore sooner than later, it will get removed.

What if you still want to apply paintable caulk over it?

We will answer this question below.

What should you do if you still have to apply paintable caulk over silicone?
There are essentially two ways in which you can tackle such a situation. We will highlight both of them below.

  1. Remove the silicone:
    The very 1st option which you have is to remove the silicon. There are silicone removers available at most hardware stores. With the help of these removers, you will be able to remove the silicon layer, and after that, you can easily apply rubbing alcohol to clean the entire surface. Once the surface dries down, then it will be possible for you to apply the paintable caulk.

When the paintable caulk dries down, you can easily paint any color over it.

  1. Apply a wider layer:
    The second option which you have does not involve owing to Silicon Valley. That is why; it is easier for you to apply the paintable caulk.

Ideally, you have to apply a paintable caulk layer that is wider than the silicon layer.

This will help you overcome the problem highlighted above. The paintable caulk will get its adhesion power from the RV surface rather than from the layer of silicon. That is why, even though it will be weaker than direct application on the surface, it will not get washed away. You will not have to worry about reapplying paintable caulk, again and again, every 6 months. There is, however, a disadvantage to this technique. The disadvantage is that the amount of caulk that you will have to apply will be way higher.

If you want to apply it over a couple of spots, it will not make a lot of difference. However, if you need to do so repeatedly, the amount of caulk you will need will be higher. Not only that, the surface of the RV will not look aesthetically pleasing as well.

However, if, due to some reason, you cannot remove the silicon layer, this is the only solution you have got.

Ideally, you cannot put paintable caulk over silicone. That way, you can still seal your RV without having to worry about the silicon. However, if you have no other alternative, we have highlighted a couple of methods that will help you in doing so.