Best Surfboard for Catching Waves: 2019 Buying Guide

Whether you are an amateur trying to find a surfboard to rent or an intermediate to advanced surfer looking to buy one, choosing the right surfboard is vital. Do not merely go for the flashiest brand and forget about the fundamentals that can make or break your surfing experience. Factors to consider while choosing a […]

Getting the Best Canoe for Duck Hunting|Buying Guide 2019

Duck hunting is a great sport, especially when you’re floating in a canoe, silently moving down the river or across the pond in search of ducks. Finding the best canoe for duck hunting is not that hard if you know what to look for. Rather than remaining stationary, as you would in a typical duck […]

Finding the Best Grommet Surfboard|Buying Guide 2019

There are all sorts of surfboards out there, but not every surfboard will suit every rider. Younger riders who are still developing their skills are often better off with surfboards that are easier to ride. If you are looking for small waves surfboard or for river surfing check the post here and here. Surfing is a […]

Choosing the Best Canoe for Family: Complete Buying Guide

It is no doubt that the number of families owning canoes has increased significantly over the years. This is because there are so many leisure activities that involve canoes such as deer hunting, duck hunting etc. Read through to select the best canoe for family. Some of these activities include enjoying the waterway with your […]

Finding the Best Groveler Surfboard 2019 Buyers Guide – Must Read

Every surfer requires a specific type of surfboard for maximum performance. According to research, a good surfboard is easy to control and maneuver. The first lesson you should learn as a beginner are the different types of surfboards that exist and one of those is finding the best groveler surfboard. This information will equip you with […]

Choosing the Best Surfboards for Advanced Surfers

The Best Surfboards For Advanced Surfers Advanced surfers have a fascinating skillset with a refined understanding of waves, environmental conditions, and surfing techniques. Each variable has a role to play in how the surfing experience unfolds and how well the waves are ridden. Your surfboard is of utmost importance and has to be picture-perfect at […]

Best Surfboard for Big Guys:Buying Guide 2019 – Must Read

Top Ideas On How To Acquire Surfboards For Big Guys So, you have moved to an area where there is a waterfront, great beach and perfect weather conditions. You are probably wondering what are some of the fun activities you can do apart from taking leisurely strolls and sunbathing. Ever thought of going surfing? This […]

Best Surfboard Traction Pads: 2019 Buying Guide

A Buying Guide for Best Surfboard Traction Pads Why Do You Need Traction Pads? Surfboards use traction pads to stick to the back end of the surfboard in order to stop your foot from slipping while you are out catching waves. Without any kind of traction support, walking on a wet surfboard can mimic the […]