4 Best Surfboards for Small Waves: 2021 – Buyers Guide

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Before going into the depths of the best surfboards for small waves lets go through some of the details about them. Or in case if you are in a hurry and had done the research yourself then check out our top pic below.

Our Choice: Giantex Surfboard

If you are in a hurry and dont like to read through, then no worries, and look no further as we have picked the right board for you.


6 foot board
Fit for adults/children
Lighter and buoyant
Catches small waves easily
Three fin design for speed and control

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What Size Surfboard Should You Buy?

A small wave board has to have quick speed and fast paddling so that it can get in the wave quickly and easily. It is important that the board be controllable because a wide board makes surfing difficult.

Shorter boards are the thing for surfers who want to have a complete exciting maneuvers. A shorter board takes up less space and therefore the surfer is able to have more options when surfing on smaller waves. Now lets talk a little about surfboard designs.

Best Surfboard Design

Design is one of the most important things when considering a surfboard. Long, skinny surf boards makes moving through small waves difficult because they take up more space. Going with a fat, wide and think board can give the surfer the option to paddle faster and to rock those small waves. With a thick board, the board sits higher in the water and this can help lessen the drag on the water.

A shorter board is perfect for small waves because it gives more options when the waves are small and it takes up less space. With the space being smaller, you can have more wave to work with, without having to worry about dragging or slowing down.

The tail design of the surfboard is another important thing to consider when purchasing a new surfboard. Boards that are designed for bigger waves generally have a pin or a squash tail, while swallow tail, moon tail and bat tail are designed for smaller waves because they have an area cut out of the center that helps to change the way that the water flows and lets the surfer surf on a smaller area.

The fins are another part of the design feature that is important to consider when purchasing a new board. If you are surfing small waves, it is important to have a fin that will not drag on the bottom. Some of these designs include a two-fin design or a quad-fin design, both that work well for small wave surfing.

What is the Best Surfboard Style?

There are many different styles when choosing a surfboard. A fish board for example, is known for their width and how think these boards are. Fish surfboards are shorter and they are known for their speed and for jumping waves.

A long board surfboard is another style of surfboard that can be used in both large waves and small waves. Long boards are great for all levels of surfers and they are known for having extra stability than some other types of boards.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Depending on your level of surf knowledge, choosing a board should be based on your surfing skill level. Since short waves suggest a short board, this is important to remember when making your purchase and many boards that are available to all levels of surfers come in some style of short boards.

As a beginner, many suggest that a beginner surfer would fare better if they used a long board surfboard. These boards are wider and they come with three fins that help to balance the board. The long board should not be over 7-8 feet if you are surfing on small waves.

Someone that is an intermediate surfer might consider a board with three fins but a shorter board to give better maneuverability. Boards with three fins allow the surfer to do more tricks and to learn to stay atop of the waves better.

An advanced surfer might consider a board that has a single fin, is short and easy to paddle and stand on. Those that are advanced surfers could benefit from any of the above boards because a board is only as good as its user.

Now lets take a look at the best surfboards for small waves. We have picked the top three for you which we think is the best suited.

Best surfboards for small waves

The Giantex 

The Giantex is a six foot board that is a beginner board and it is a fit for people of all sizes. This board is good for children as well as adults. The board is lighter than other beginner boards and is more buoyant, making riding short waves easier. With the skid-proof design and the attached leash, the beginner surfer can be sure to hold on to their board at all times.

This board offers removable fins with a 3 fin design to help provide speed
and control. Change the fins often to learn new tricks and to
practice balance on the water.

The Giantex comes in three color choices; red and blue, white and blue and yellow and blue. This board has customers being overly pleased about the size, how the board handles well and the beginner level that this board offers.

Customers felt that this board is a great board for the size and that it is great for kids and is a great price.

Some customers found out about the board was that the removable fins were difficult to handle and replace, that the board was made more for adults than children, that the quality was not as expected and that the board was made out of cheap materials.

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Best Choice Products SKY91

The SKY91 is a surfboard that measures at 72 inches tall. It is a board that is great for beginners, rather adult or children. This board has three fins and can be used in small or large waves.

The SKY91 comes in two colors, red and white and blue and white and weighs only 6 pounds for easy carrying. The bottom of the SKY91 is slick HDPE for high speed so that you can catch those small waves fast!

The SKY91 has really good positive feedback with some customers feeling that the board is sturdy, that it catches waves easily, and that it was light for kids and adults to carry. Many felt that this board is great for a beginner or for a lesson board and that it was easier to control than other boards.

Some views of the SKY91 are that it is cheaply made, it has a small weight limit, that the screws that hold the fins in come out easily and the board does not come with a screw driver to fix it and many felt that it was not very balanced and that the paint wears off quickly.

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California Board Company Fish Surfboard

The California Board Company Fish Surfboard is a soft top board that runs 6 foot and 2 inches in height. This board is made out of EPS foam and it is waterproof, laminated and custom molded with three different layers that are molded in to protect the board and keep it lasting for years to come. The bottom of the board is a slick bottom that is also laminated and it offers a PU Surf leash, and a padded ankle strap.

The board is a small board and can be used for small riders but is advised to be used for those that are advanced surfers. The board has a recommended weight of 175 lbs. The board includes 3 fins and stylish graphics. The 3 fins and the slick bottom make this board a must for small waves!

This board has great feedback. Most customers feel that this board is worth what it costs and that it is durable and light so any surfer can carry it along the beach. Many love the fact that it has a wide deck, is 3 inches thick and very buoyant. Some of the customers loved that the California Board Company Fish Surfboard comes with the extra ankle strap.

One customer noted that the board is easy to glide with and that it comes to a stop easy so this could be a good board to practice advanced surfing techniques on.

Some of the complaints about the board were that it was not as high of a performance board as they had hoped, that it was hard to use and that it was slower than other boards.

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The Liquid Shredder

The Liquid Shredder is a custom made surfboard that has a soft, top surface. This board is designed to fit all levels of surfing from beginner to advanced and can also fit both adults and children due to the size.

The Liquid Shredder is 6 foot and 20 inches in height and it has a thickness of 2.5 inches which makes the board more buoyant than other boards. This board has a slick and fast bottom and uses wooden stringers to make the board more stiff.

The Liquid Shredder comes in three colors; blue, red and yellow and offers a non-slip texture when wet.

The Liquid Shredder has a perfect feedback with many of the customers feeling that the board is a perfect size to carry overhead, that it is easy to float for beginner surfers and that it rides on small waves perfectly. Many felt that this board is super easy to paddle which gives speed when riding smaller waves. Other customers commented on the durability of the board and the board being very light.

Some customers complained that the board does not come with a leash, that it is made for small weighted people, and that the board is smaller than the reviews state only measuring at 5 foot 10 inches.

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Conclusion Choice: Giantex Surfboard

Finally the conclusion part. 

A board should have all the required features such such as have enough size, should be suitable for adults of various sizes and for children, be lighter and buoyant, should be able to control and have speed, catches the waves easily and best of all should be economical. Giantex has all these features.


6 foot board
Fit for adults/children
Lighter and buoyant
Catches small waves easily
Three fin design for speed and control

Check the latest price on the Giantex on Amazon

Resources: Questions and Answers

What size short surfboard should I get?

The below chart should give you an idea on the what sized short surfboard you should get:

Surfer Weight (lbs)Surfer Weight (kg)Surfboard Length

Which surfboard is best for beginners?

If you are a beginner and looking for the best surfboard for then a quick run down is given below:

  • Hold Fast Mini Mal 7ft Foam Surfboard. The best surfboard for beginners, even if it’s not the most stylish. …
  • Osprey 6ft Wood Foamie. …
  • Softech Flash 5ft 7 Soft Surfboard. …
  • Torq Fun Soft & Hard 7ft 6 Surfboard. …
  • Cortez Funboard 7ft 2. …
  • Bending Branches Angler Classic.

What size waves are good for beginner surfers?

The most common type for surfboards for beginners are the Mini Mals. These are the surboards that are used by most adults to have the best stability. These boards are actually over 8ft and is the preferred choice.

How big a surfboard should I get?

If you’re just starting out in surfing, and would like to try out a board, then always look for the widest,thickest and which is a little taller than you. In fact always look for a surfboard that has some flotation and stability.

How good are fish surfboards for beginners?

One of the type of fish surfboards are the hybrid types. These are stable and have enough thickness and best of all is easy to paddle. Thus the hybrid surfboards are the boards the beginner can look into other than the mini mals.

Can a beginner surfer use a shortboard?

The quick answer is that its going to be really hard. Its not a question where a beginner can use a short board. The point is whether you can catch the waves with it.

Can you actually surf a 2ft waves?

In general the bigger the height, the bigger the surf will be. You can actually have really small and weak waves with 2ft waves