Best Surfboards for River Surfing: A Buyers Guide

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The Top 3 Best Surfboards for River Surfing

Even when they have been at it for years, surfers cannot help but grow fond of their surfboards. Truth be told, a surfboard is arguably the most essential piece of surfing gear and it can make or break your experience on the waves in the river. 

Our Choice: The 8’ Verve – Beginner Foam Surfboard

best surfboard for river surfing

If you are in a hurry, look no further as we have made the choice for you. This board was chosen and is considered the choice because of the below features.


Seems to float, fast and is very buoyant.

Catches waves very easily even without paddling much.

Very stable board.

The build of the board has a solid and firm feeling and surprisingly light.

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As such, you will need to find a surfboard that best suits your needs.

Best Surfboards for River Surfing

And with the numerous options available on the market, you could easily get overwhelmed by the act of getting yourself the best surfboard. If you’re a beginner, for instance, you might want to consider a longboard whereas an experienced surfer will want to go for a hybrid or shortboard.

There is a lot about surfboards that one should know before jumping onto an online store to make a purchase. 

Besides having the best surfboard, you will need to have a better understanding of the surfboard’s anatomy because small details could affect how your board feels and rides on water.

Before we can review the top 3 surfboards for river surfing, here are some surfboard basics you should know.

What Are The Types of Surfboards?

This type of surfboard is usually hard and brittle and are recommended for anyone who’s learning how to surf since they are durable, soft, affordable, and easily catch waves. These boards aren’t ideal for surfing the bigger waves so once you get past the beginner stage, you will need an upgrade.

  • Longboards (8ft to 9ft)

Longboards let you hit bigger waves so that you can make quick progress with your learning. With a longboard, you can easily perform a few stunts like cross-stepping or hanging-five (of course when you’re ready for those). These surfboards are usually faster and easier to maneuver than foam boards.

  • Mini-Mal Surfboards

These surfboards are typically smaller than longboards, and this makes them easier to carry around. To use this board effectively, you will need to be small or have excellent skills on the longboard before experiencing success. Compared to a longboard, a mini-mal surfboard can help you paddle your way out of a bigger surf with ease.

  • Performance Shortboards

These are arguably the fastest and most responsive surfboards you’ll come across and are recommended for advanced surfers. They are incredibly lightweight and make it easier for a surfer to duck dive for a great experience.

Important Things To Consider When Buying

You can never go wrong with the right surfboard and here are a few things to consider when buying a surfboard for river surfing.

Best Surfboards for River Surfing

• Type of surfboard. When shopping for a surfboard, you need to understand that there are different makes. What’s even more interesting is that your level of surfing will determine the type of board you can purchase. For instance, beginners should choose longboards since they are relatively easy to handle. Shortboards or hybrids are best left for the advanced surfers.

• Size. The size of a surfboard can have a significant impact on your surfing experience so be sure to get the right size for you. As earlier mentioned, longer surfboards are relatively easier to handle and ideal for beginners. On the other hand, shorter surfboards require advanced skills on water and are a popular option among expert surfers.

• The wave type. Different waves need different surfboards. While there is apparently no science to this, the truth is that your experience in water could help determine the ideal board for you. Smaller waves are usually different from larger ones, and surfing in shallow waters will need a different surfboard setup than deep waters. With experience and more time spent surfing, you will easily pick a surfboard that matches your skill and wave type.

• The number of fins. The fin setup you go for with a surfboard will depend on several aspects. Your skill level, style of surfing, and weather conditions will all come into play. A surfboard with more fins is usually better since it is more versatile. And when you think about fins, you should also bear in mind that they vary in size, flex, and angle characteristics.

• The volume. When buying a surfboard for river surfing, you also want to think volume since it’s an essential aspect for board floatation. River waves are often mushy so you want a board with a higher volume because it will surf better. As you read through you can choose your best surfboards for river surfing.

• Shape. River waves will often require a shorter board designed with a proper nose and tail rocker so that it fits into the wave and surfs well. You might also want to consider a board with a broader tail since it will allow for more push while you’re on the wave.

Top 3 Surfboards for River Surfing Reviews

Wavestorm 8’ Surfboard

If you are new to surfing, then the Wavestorm 8’ surfboard is the right tool of trade since it’s light, soft, and easier to handle. This longboard boasts an EPS core composed of 3 marine-ply stringers and a textures crosslink top deck for better rigidity and strength. This board also features a fin set, a removable ankle leash, and a small traction pad for excellent support while surfing.

The Wavestorm 8’ surfboard also features a patented Graphic Film Technology which prevents the board from fading in UV sunlight.


• Lightweight (13.4 pounds)

• Great for beginners

• Doesn’t fade in UV sunlight

• Has a traction pad

• Can hold a weight capacity of 200 lbs

• Easy to use


• This board is narrower than one would expect

• It lacks proper stabilization on the rails

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The Verve 8′ Beginner Foam Soft Top Surfboard

best surfboard for river surfing

This beginner surfboard is built to conquer every wave you encounter in the river. Starting from design, this board boasts a unique shape that helps it cut through water with great ease.

Although it is an excellent learning board for kids, it is also designed with bigger riders in mind and can handle close to 230 lbs.

The board’s tri-fin system offers the versatility you need to beat all surfing conditions. Besides, the nose and tail of the board are designed to keep it loose and fun while keeping it on the water surface during turns and takeoffs.

This surfboard comes with a few other accessories including an 8’ leash, Paint Pens to fix any chips or dings, and a bag for storage.


• High weight capacity

• Great quality and fun shape

• Good value for money

• Perfectly-sized for kids learning to hit the surf

• Perfect design


• It’s not so smooth to maneuver.

• Mainly limited to beginner and intermediate riders

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BIC Sport Paint Surfboard

If you’re looking for appealing floral graphics in a surfboard, then this is what you want to purchase. This board comes in various lengths, with the 6’6” length being the most popular option.

This surfboard promises to give you the most volume for great ease with water-catching. Besides being durable and versatile, the surfboard’s plastic construction is a guarantee for longevity. The fins can be easily set up as a quad-fin or tri-fin system for better control. The board’s integrated traction pad offers better stability whole surfing.

If you’re a woman getting started with surfing, then this is the surfboard you should consider buying.


• Perfect for shredding or learning in small river waves

• Soft deck

• Fun shapes and colors

• Comes with excellent packaging

• It doesn’t come with a leash


• The top is slippery and lacks sufficient grip

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Final Conclusion

No matter your surfing experience and skill levels, a day on the river requires that you are equipped with the best surfboards for river surfing . But before you can rush into making a purchase, be sure to familiarize with the types of surfboards available as well as consider the attributes of each. This way, you can easily choose one that best suits your needs.