Best Surfboards for Airs 2021 : Finding the Best

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In surfing, an air refers to a performance trick that is done by the rider. It consists of jumping out of the water with your feet still on the board.The board leaves the surface of the water and follows your body into the air. You then land back down on the water and continue surfing.


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Airs are a difficult trick to perform. Before being able to accomplish these, the surfer must be able to stay steady on their board.

Once they are a comfortable surfer, they can begin trying to get their board out of the water. An important step in being able to do this is having one of the best surfboards for airs.

Best Surfboards for Airs: Some of the best Boards to Choose From

1- NSP Elements Hybrid Short Surfboard

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The NSP Elements Hybrid Short Surfboard includes many of the specifications that we are looking for when we are talking about the best surfboards for air.

It is available in a variety of lengths that are on the shorter side, including 5’9, 6’0, 6’2, 6’4, and 6’6. It is also lightweight, which should help with the jumps as well.

This board stands out because it is made in an extremely durable fashion. It is made of EPS core that is water-resistant, epoxy resin, and fiberglass.

This helps the board to withstand the extra pressure that is put on it from landing hard on the water.

You will not need to worry about your board breaking from being too rough on it with this product choice

-Shortboard length choices and is made well.


-Has concave and has a high price point

2- Penny Australia 4’10 Twin Fin Surfboard

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The Penny Australia Twin Fin Board is great for airs. It has a very short length of four feet and ten inches.
It has a bottom that boasts an ability to provide flexibility in performance. This means that it should go into the air and land extremely well.

The fins are made in a style that is called a slot box fin system. This again adds to the ability of the board to land airs since the fins help with stability and control while surfing.

The fins are also removable and can be replaced with your favorite type at any time. This allows the board to be customizable.

You may even be able to find specialty fins to help with airs and attach them to this board.

The top of the board is covered with a slip-resistant skin that helps you to stay on the board. This can help to keep you from getting hurt, especially while attempting to jump.

Along with all of these features that help with landing airs in a safe manner, the board is also available at an affordable price.


-Removable, slot box fin system
-Flat bottom


-Only available in one choice of length

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3-Wave Bandit Performer Tri 5’6

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This is a unique board made with a fish shape. It has a strong bottom with no concave, so it is good for landing airs.

It has a fin set that is specially made for performance, which can help with the jumps as well.

The most unique thing about this board is that it is soft. It is slightly bendable when most boards are made of a very hard material.

This allows the board to be good for any level of rider, whether you have been surfing for one day or one decade.

The material of the board is light, making it ideal for jumps. It also may allow for better air landings since the flexibility of the board could help with stability on top of the water.


-No concave
-Performance fin set
-Low price


-Very different build than the typical surfboard.

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4-Big Betsy Hybrid Surfboard

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Big Betsy Hybrid Surfboard is somewhat of a mix of the boards we have looked into so far. It has a soft top and a hard bottom.

This could allow for the surfer to have great stability on top of the board as well as a strong landing feature on the bottom of the board. These two things combined could make this one of the best surfboards for airs.

The board is short at five feet long and has no concave. It has a fingerprint-like texture on the bottom of the board so that it never needs to be waxed but it can still gain traction on the water.

It has fin boxes and is made of strong and long-lasting bamboo material.

The board is also lightweight. This makes it easier for the surfer to get the board into the air.

The purchase of this board even includes a case, paint markers for customizing the board, and a stomp pad kit that has five pieces.


-Soft top and hard bottom
-No concave
-Affordable price point
-Comes with additional items

-Only one option for length

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How To Choose Best Surfboards for Airs

When you are looking to choose the best surfboard for airs, the number of choices can be overwhelming.

It can be difficult to decide which features will help your performance and which features will actually make surfing more difficult for you.

Because it is a tough process, we’ve found four ways to ensure you are getting the surfboard you really need.

We have researched the act of performing airs in great detail, allowing us to find the four main factors that should be considered when choosing the best surfboard for airs. We believe that buyers should think about their landing, the concave of the board, the length of the board, and the weight of the board.

The Landing is the Most Important

It may look cool to jump high into the air on your board while you’re surfing, but it does not look cool if you can’t land the trick. Falling can be embarrassing and it happens all to often.

When doing airs, most surfers are able to jump up from the water. The difficult part is when you need to land.

Getting the board back flat onto the surface of the water with your body upright and ready to continue surfing is a difficult task.

This is why it is most important to focus on a board that is good for landings versus a board that may be easier to get up into the air.

Less Concave is Better

Concave is a great feature for surfing, adding speed, and allowing for a great cut, but it is not the best for landing.

With a lot of concave, you need to land the board just right so that it doesn’t tip. Without this great angle on the bottom of the board, it’s a lot more likely that you will be able to straighten the landing out even if it wasn’t the most perfect situation.

Short Boards vs Long Boards

Longboards are hard to get up into the air. Shortboards are much easier. With a shortboard, you do not need to worry about having an end of the board still dragging in the water and making you fall.

Because of this, short boards are typically the way to go when choosing the best surfboard for airs.

Lightweight Makes a Difference
It’s obvious that picking up a light object is easier than picking up a heavy one. The same goes for surfboards when you want them to leave the water. Make sure the board you choose is lightweight to make it easier to do airs with.

Final Conclusion

Airs are a fun trick that wows spectators and brings adrenaline to the riders. They are something that many surfers would like to be able to perform. After reviewing the best surfboards for airs, it is clear that choosing the best board is an important step in being able to perform this trick.

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After researching and reviewing each of these boards thoroughly, we believe that the Big Betsy Hybrid Surfboard is the best surfboard for airs.

Its soft top allows the surfer to stay on the board well both in the air and on top of the water. The hard bottom allows for strong and stable landings. The fin box helps with the landings as well as the fact that the board has no concave.

The light material that the board is made with is durable but still allows it to easily follow the surfer into the air during their performance tricks.

The board has the convenience factor of it never has to be waxed. This allows the surfer to spend less time caring for their board and more time on the water perfecting their airs.

It also has the added benefit of coming with additional items. The case is handy, the paint markers for customizing are fun, and the stop pads can help with traction during airs and landings.

The Big Betsy Hybrid Surfboard is great for performance and comes from a company that cares about its customers. We believe that it is the best surfboard for airs, and we hope that your experiences lead you to the same conclusion.