Choosing the Best Surfboards for Advanced Surfers

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Best Surfboards for Advanced Surfers

The Best Surfboards For Advanced Surfers

Advanced surfers have a fascinating skillset with a refined understanding of waves, environmental conditions, and surfing techniques. Each variable has a role to play in how the surfing experience unfolds and how well the waves are ridden.

Your surfboard is of utmost importance and has to be picture-perfect at all times!

Here’s a look at what you should keep in mind before buying a new surfboard.

How To Choose:

1) Design

The design is an integral part of the process and has to be considered in detail.

When the term “design” is floated around, this doesn’t refer to the aesthetics of a surfboard. While a beautiful surfboard is never a bad thing, it’s the physical design, which has a bigger purpose in your purchase.

This can include things such as the curves (i.e. hollow curves for bigger waves) or narrower noses for late drops. These subtle details go a long way in the decision-making process and cannot be ignored. If you tend to surf in similar conditions all the time, the importance of a well-designed surfboard becomes increasingly important!

2) Flotation

Yes, the volume of a surfboard is essential and most advanced surfers will be aware of this. As an experienced surfer, you will want something that has less volume to work with. This will increase your capacity to move in the water and go in the right direction without unnecessary resistance. The reduced volume is also important when it’s time to go faster in the water. Beginners may not care about this, but you will certainly want to race around without unnecessary restrictions!

3) Length and Width

Another detail to keep in mind would be the physical dimensions of a surfboard. A good surfboard is going to look and feel great under your feet. Otherwise, the surfing experience is going to be tarnished and that’s never a good thing!

With the length, you want something in sync with your height. A taller surfer should be going with something that’s relatively longer under their feet. If not, it becomes near impossible to maintain balance on the board.

For the width of a surfboard, it’s best to look at a wider board as this will increase control in the water. Since advanced surfers are already focused on narrower noses, it’s smart to keep the middle of the board slightly wider in comparison to its ends.

4) Surfing Tendencies

The final thing to consider is a personal detail and should always be kept in mind. Your surfing tendencies are crucial and can dictate whether or not a surfboard is useful while riding waves.

Surfers heading out towards larger waves will want a specific type of surfboard while someone wishing to stay in the pocket longer may require a different setup. This is part and parcel of being an experienced surfer. You need to customize the buying process and make sure the purchase is in line with your tendencies.

Recommended Products

1) California Board Company

  • 100% Waterproof Core
  • Made with Laminated Wood Stringers
  • Includes HD Polyethylene Bottom

This is an exceptionally well-designed surfboard with a detailed surface, great grip, and tremendous control in the water. For advanced surfers, this is one of the more controlled variations available for sale. From the HD polyethylene bottom to its remarkable laminated wood stringers, everything flows well with this surfboard.

While it’s a great board, it is smaller in size and may not work out well for a taller person. It’s important to consider your personal dimensions before making a purchase.

This surfboard is great for all skill levels and should work well for an advanced surfer looking to dominate in the water.

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2) SBBC 6’8 Casper Hybrid Surfboard

  • Fingerprint Texture Top Deck
  • Twin FCS Fins
  • High-Density EPS

The Casper is SBBC’s largest surfboard and has become a recommended option among the pros. It’s easy to use, works well in almost all conditions and has a remarkable set of twin FCS fins to boot. If the goal is to ride large waves, remain in the pocket longer, or to simply rush around, this is a nice surfboard to consider.

It’s best to note the length of this board as it is under seven feet and will not work well for those requiring a longer option. However, for a shorter individual, this will be more than enough to focus on the waves without worry.

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3) StormBlade Surfboard

  • High-Grade High-Density Polyethylene Bottom
  • Includes EBS-IXL Top Deck
  • Unique Water-Resistant Silica Rings
  • Weighs 17.6 Lbs.

This is a high-grade surfboard with water-resistant silica rings, a high-density polyethylene bottom, and a remarkable top deck. Standing on top of this surfboard feels like paradise for a pro. It rides well and sits in the water for as long as you want it to. Having this level of control is a breath of fresh air making StormBlade an ideal option for most surfers.

This is a heavy surfboard and that has to be kept in mind for those who like to keep things as light as possible. However, it tends to hold well in most situations and isn’t a detriment.

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4) Wavestorm 8’0″

  • Reinforced Fin-Plug Inserts
  • Unique Barrier Skin Deck
  • Made of High-Density Polyethylene
  • Robust EPS Core

This is a fascinating surfboard and highly recommended because of its barrier skin deck and the robust EPS core. It is easy to carry around, looks immaculate, and makes surfing in the harshest of waves a simpler task.

While it is shorter in length, it is still a remarkable board with all the perks needed to enjoy advanced surfing with the pros.

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Final Verdict

In the end, a great surfboard is all about understanding who you are as a surfer. Do you like narrower noses? Do you like wider top decks? Do you ride in a specific area where the waves are flatter?

Each detail matters and is a variable in your ultimate decision.

Focus on writing these details down, looking at the recommendations, and picking one that suits your needs!