Best Surfboard Traction Pads: 2021 Buying Guide

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Best Surfboard Traction Pads

A Buying Guide for Best Surfboard Traction Pads

Why Do You Need Traction Pads?

Surfboards use traction pads to stick to the back end of the surfboard in order to stop your foot from slipping while you are out catching waves. Without any kind of traction support, walking on a wet surfboard can mimic the idea of walking on ice. You do not want to be sliding of your board when you are trying to catch that perfect wave. So do read through to find out more on the best surfboard traction pads below.

There are many kinds of surfboard traction pads. They come in different colors but most of them are made from the same components. The traction pads are water resistant and are made from non-slip material.

Why Use Traction Pads Instead of Wax?

In the past, traction pads were something unheard of. People used wax to keep their boards from being slippery and it was only later that someone decided to invent the traction pad.

This created a new relationship between the surfer and their surfboard. Even though some people still choose to wax their boards instead of using traction pads, the advantages of traction pads are numerous. Using wax can be a time-consuming process. The wax has to be melted, applied and then the board has to be cared for and maintenance over time.

When using surfboard traction pads, you never have to wax your surfboard again and these can come in different designs that meet all of your personal tastes and comforts.

The traction pad can come with different bumps and curves that the surfer can choose for his or her comfort. The back part of the pad is usually raised, and this helps the surfer know how far to put their foot when they are riding their board. Some surfers use pads that last for the life of the board, so they never have to change them, as long as their board lasts.

Traction Pads Over the Years

Traction pads have changed over the years and they have changed from being made of glue and tape to being made of “thermoformed EVA” materials that help the board to not be sticky or become worn over time.

The new and improved traction pads have become upgraded, giving a variety of colors and arches and helping to make anyone’s board look trendy and sweet. These are the characteristics you need to look for when selecting the best surfboard traction pads

How to Choose the Right Traction Pad for You

It is important to find the right traction pad for your board. If you surf a lot, you need to make sure that you purchase a traction pad that will be long lasting, where the materials will not wear out and make sure that it has added comfort for all of your wave surfing.

There are some traction pads that come in more than one piece, allowing the pad to help you have traction all over the back of your board, allowing the
surfer to maintain strong footing while catching huge waves.

It is important to notice the weight of the traction pad, not wanting to have something too heavy to weight the board down, but the perfect combination of weight, grippiness and pattern. Surfers have the option to purchase
traction pads that come in one, two or three pieces, giving flexibility to the surfer as to how much they use the back of the board.

Punt Surf Ripper Traction Pad

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Punt Surf is a company from California that believes strongly in their surfers. They test their products to make sure that they will work in all conditions, and they offer products that are environmentally friendly, donating a portion of their earnings to the Planet to help protect the oceans and the environment.

 The Punt Surf Ripper traction pad is a three-piece pad that has strong grip that will make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the board. This traction pad allows the surfer to concentrate more on the wave than on slipping and allows the surfer to surf confidently and in style.

The Punt Surf Ripper traction pad is made of EVA foam that is light and features a diamond shaped grove and 3M adhesive so that the pad will never come off of the board. This is meant to last for the life of your board!

The Punt Surf Ripper traction pad is designed to fit any board. It comes in three different pieces and can be placed at the comfort of the surfer. The dimensions of the pads are 10.5 inches x 11.75 inches with a 10 mm center arch and a 25 mm tail kick. This feature, along with the 3M adhesive is guaranteed to last. As a matter of fact, Punt Surf offers a 100% money back guarantee. They promise that their pads will stick on the board forever, or they will give your money back, no questions asked.

According to, the Punt Surf Ripper traction pad has 4.1 stars out of 5 stars review, with 334 people reviewing this product. Out of all of the ratings, 81% gave these traction pads 4 stars out of 5 stars or more rating.

Most of the customers felt that these traction pads had amazing traction and heel stop and they loved that the arch was wide. Others loved the fact that these traction pads were priced reasonably and that the pads did not weigh the board down. Most reviewers commented that the pads stuck very well and that they felt that the traction pads were an amazing deal for both price and quality.

Some of the customer complaints included that they felt that the bump in the center was uncomfortable, that the pads are too small for big boards, and that the pads were very thin, and slippery to touch. Even though there were customer complaints, those that complained noted that the seller was quick to refund and super easy to work with.

Overall, the Punt Surf Ripper traction pad seems to be a great buy for any surfer. The fact that these pads can be placed on the board at the comfort of the surfer is a great compliment to the product. This product comes in a variety of six different colors (black, blue, green, orange, red and white), and can be purchased today as “Amazon’s Choice.”

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Ho Stevie


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The Ho Stevie Surfboard traction pads are a 3-piece, full size traction pads that are meant to work for any board. They offer a high-quality traction pad that comes in different styles to make your board look great and be safe too!.

The Ho Stevie Traction pad offers a 3-piece design that allows the surfer to place the pads wherever they are needed, with a middle food arch that supports the surfers foot and a kick-tail that allows the surfer to lock their feet in place while catching those waves!

The Ho Stevie Traction pads are made of high quality, they have super strong grip but are soft so that you do not scratch your feet or your knees while surfing. The pads size are 12 inches x 12 inches and they have a 3M adhesive that guarantees that the pad will not come off the board.

Ho Stevie believes so strong in their surfboard traction pads that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If you are not pleased with your purchase, for any reason at all, Ho Stevie! Promises to refund your money.

The Ho Stevie Pads come in aqua, aqua with white palm trees, black and black with white palm trees, allowing the surfer to create an amazing look.

The Ho Stevie! Traction pads have 4.7 stars out of 5 stars review, with over 96% of the people giving a 4 stars out of 5 stars or more review.

Out of the 104 people that reviewed this product, most of them felt that the pads were well priced and that they hold the grip very well. Others pointed out that the pads looked great and there was no signs of peeling or the pads coming off of the board. Some pointed out the comfort and the bumps on the pad being light on their feet.

Those that did not like the pads noted that the pads came off easy and that some of the pads would not stick on previously waxed boards.

Overall, the Ho Stevie! Has great reviews and offers a variety of options for the
surfer. These pads seem to be worth the cost and easy to use.

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Dakine John John Florence Pro Surf Traction Pad

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Dakine is a company that was founded in Hawaii in 1979 and they sell a variety of outdoorsy types of products such as accessories, clothing, outerwear, snowboards, ski, surfboards and more.

The Dakine John John Florence traction pads are 2 inches high and they are 15 inches wide. They are made with strong adhesive to keep the pads secure and in place. These pads were designed with the input of John John himself, with drilled holes to help reduce drag.

These pads offer super gripping traction and the team uses less packaging to help keep the environment clean.

These pads have 5 stars out of 5 stars review and the reviewers noted how great the quality is and how thin and light the traction pads are.

Overall, the Dakine John John Florence traction pads seem like a great buy, and they come in three different color choices, black and blue, black and green and black and orange.

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Surf Squared


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The Surf Squared traction pads are light pads that are made of EVA foam. They are seen in a diamond grip that helps the surfer with better traction during their maneuvers. The edges of this traction pad have a 28mm tail kick that helps to reduce drag and offers a place for the surfer to lock their foot in place, so they can worry about the wave and not slipping.

The Surf Squared traction pads are made with 3M adhesive, using “Green” which is a high-quality protective material that will not come off the board. Surf Squared takes pride in their products, testing their products with professional surfers.

The Surf Squared also has an arch bar and is designed to fit on any surfboard. This product helps the surfer achieve high performance, maximum speed without the drag, with the diamond surface, the pad stays in place and allows your tail to be a grippy, non-slippery surface.

These traction pads are made to give your board a look that is stylish and fresh. The three-piece traction pad is made to be able to be spread as far apart as the surfer needs, with the pad being 11.75 inches x 11.75 inches tall, and 5 mm thick with a 5 mm foot arch.

Surf Squared believes in their products, offering a money back guarantee for any reason.

The Surf Squared traction pads have 4.7 stars out of 5 stars review with 94% of the people giving this product a 5 stars out of 5 stars review.

Many of the customers noted that the quality of the Surf Squared traction pads was amazing and fun to look at, that it was durable and a great cost. Some felt that the traction pads were perfectly sticky, staying put even after long amounts of use.

Those that were not happy with the pads felt that the arch pad was uncomfortable, but it was also noted that the customer service was fast and easy to work with, offering a full refund of the product for those that were

Overall, the Surf Squared traction pad seems like the perfect buy! This is a great product that could be perfect for any surfer!

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Hope you read through the guide and made up your decision on to get the best surfboard traction pads. Based on our research, we will go for the punt surf ripper traction pad.

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