Best Surfboard for Big Guys:Buying Guide 2019 – Must Read

Best Surfboard for Big Guys

Top Ideas On How To Acquire Surfboards For Big Guys

So, you have moved to an area where there is a waterfront, great beach and perfect weather conditions. You are probably wondering what are some of the fun activities you can do apart from taking leisurely strolls and sunbathing. Ever thought of going surfing? This is a great fun way to spend time on water while exercising. Read through below more on the best surfboard for big guys.

Learning how to surf is easy as long as you are armed with the right equipment. It is just like driving, have to have a car in order to get driving skills, right? If you are looking to enter into the world of surfing, you have to first find a surfboard. Getting the right surfboard is key if you want to have a smooth learning process. If you are using the wrong board for your first surfing lesson, learning to surf can be twice as hard.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Surfboard For The Best Surfing Experience

You are probably wondering why you need to be careful when choosing a surfboard. It’s really simple, with the wrong tools and equipment, you cannot do the job right. If you are looking to enhance your surfing skills, you should choose a board that suits you perfectly.

When looking for a board, remember that there are very many types, shapes and designs available in the market. Different surfboards function differently. You should first decide whether you want to acquire a new or second hand surfboard. It is better to get a new surfboard. Something that compliments you and only you. If you are buying a used board, it may have imperfections. This may be the reason the previous owner purchased another one. With the many online shopping platforms and surfing shops all around, you can easily acquire a new board without breaking a sweat.

So, what are considerations you should make when choosing a surfboard?

  • Your level of expertise

When it comes to surfing, experience can be divided into beginner, intermediate and pro levels. The ideal board will depend on how skilled you are at surfing. If it is your first time on the water, you will need a surfboard that is highly buoyant to help you stay afloat when you are hit by the first wave. For the best experience on the first day, you should use a board that is thick and long.

An intermediate or professional surfer can use a lighter board. This is because they are skilled in staying stable and balanced on water even when there are strong waves.

  • Your weight

You probably don’t want to sink on your first day surfing. If you are hoping to have an easy time on water, you should buy a board that can support your weight on water. Your weight usually determines the most appropriate surfboard size (both length and width) as well as the waters where you can surf.

It is important to remember that there are different types of surfboards. In the market, you can find shortboards, funboards, fish boards, longboards and soft boards. Each type of surfing board usually has different weight requirements for different sizes. The ideal weight to size ratio is usually dictated by the period of time that one will be using the board. (See references to read more about weight to size ratio)

  • The depth of waters

Ever heard of the Archimedes principle? Perhaps the word ‘Eureka’ will help you remember him. His principle is all about mass and water displacement. If you are surfing in deep waters, you are less likely to sink. On shallow waters, you are more likely to sink especially if you have a big body.

The depth of the water and strength of tides usually dictates the most appropriate type of surfboard to use. When buying a board, you should remember that you are likely to get different performance impact depending on the waters where you are surfing.

  • The type, design and shape of surfboard

As stated earlier, you should remember that there are different types of surfboards available in the market. Surfboards usually differ in shape and design. This variation usually leads to different performance levels.

Some of the characteristics that change in different boards include the tail, nose, fin, rocker, and size (Length and width). The design of a surfboard usually impacts greatly on its resistance to wave impact, performance on water and the weight the board can accommodate.

For example, a surfboard that is wide can offer you more buoyancy than a narrow board. A big rocker on a board can make it more stable while less rocker makes a board harder to paddle and keep straight.

Best Surfboards for Big Guys:

As mentioned earlier, weight and body size are critical when determining the ideal type of board to use for surfing. If you are a big fellow, don’t get worried that you won’t find the right surfboard for you on sale. There are some awesome boards that you can use for surfing regardless of your experience level. Let us now look at some of the best sellers on Amazon.

SBBC 7-inch Soft Top Surfboard – Fun Performance Foam Surfboards | Great Surf Boards for All Surfing Skill Levels

This is one of the best surfboards on the market. Whether you are a novice or experienced surfer, this item is designed to suit all experience levels. It can support weights of up to 170lbs and it is highly durable. The nose and rocker of the SBBC is designed to give a beginner more control while enhancing the performance of a professional.


It can be used for all skill levels
Supports a wide weight range
On purchase, it comes with other extra accessories such as paint pens and a storage bag.


No defined price.
A bit pricey.

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6’ Shortboard Surfboard – Premium Hybrid Soft Top Surfboards – The 6’ Razzo

This board can be used by both beginners and surfers who are already at an advanced level. It is made from a soft top board and a bamboo deck at the bottom. This item is perfect for big guys since it can support weights of up to 220 lbs.

This item comes with squash fins making it one of the fastest surfboards in the market. It is also easy to clean and highly durable. This item can be found in different sizes for all weight ranges. It can also be found in different colors in the market.


Comes in different sizes to cater for different weight ranges.
On purchase, comes with different freebies such as free traction pad, pens and storage bag.
The design ensures that you can surf at very high speeds.


It only uses the fins that come from the manufacturer.
The price of purchase is a bit high.

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The 6’8 Funboard Surfboard – Premium Hybrid Soft Top Surfboards – The 6’8 Casper

This surfboard is designed to support the weight of big guys. With a maximum weight limit of 220Lbs, this board has a unique shape that allows it to cruise over waves effortlessly. It is reinforced with resin to improve durability. The shape of this board and its fins usually gives the surfer a lot of stability.


It has a unique design giving it more stability on water.
It is coated with resin for enhanced durability.
Comes with a guarantee and return warranty.


It is very expensive.
It is best suited for intermediate, advance and professional surfers and not beginners.

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5’ Wake Surfboard – Premium Hybrid Soft Top Wake Surfboards – The 5’ Big Betsy

If it is your first-time surfing, this is the ideal surfboard to purchase. This board is very buoyant offering beginners a conducive environment to learn surfing. The Big Betsy is designed to last for a long period of time. As its name suggests, this is one of the best boards for big guys. It can hold weights of up to 230lbs.


It is affordable.
It can hold a lot of weight thus offering big people a platform to learn surfing.
Its design allows a lot of buoyancy making it ideal for beginners.


It supports a lot of weight but is not ideal for professional surfers.
The new style of the Big Betsy does not come with fins and you have to purchase them independently.

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If you have some free time, you can enjoy sports and have fun at the same time by surfing. However, remember that it is critical to pick the right board if you want to become proficient in this sport really quickly.

Before purchasing a surfboard, browse the goods available in the market and consult expert surfers to get advice on the most ideal board.

If you cannot find a board to accommodate your weight in the market, do not worry. You can always get a custom surfing board crafted just for you. Now that you have read the best surfboard for big guys its your turn to get one after making a selection.

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