Choosing The Best Surfboard Bike Rack 2021

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Best surfboard bike rack

Surfboarding is one of the most pleasurable activity there is. It involves having so much fun while enjoying all the good things the water has to offer. So how do you get your surfboard safely to the beach? If you live near, there is no need of using your vehicle. You can simply hook up your surfboard on your bike and be on your way in no time.

This is where surfboard racks for bikes come in. Surfboard racks have been cleverly designed to help you carry your surfboard on your bike. They are very convenient and easy to use.

All you’ve to do is find the top of the line surfboard rack that best suits you and use it to carry your surfboard.

Factors to Consider When Picking Surfboard Rack For your Bike.

Surfboard racks are not the equipment that you just pick up blindly, attach on your bike, hook your surfboard and merrily ride to the beach. There are a certain number of factors you need to consider first so that you don’t end up making the wrong choice. Some of those factors include.

Types of bike surfboard racks:
There are three types of surfboard racks for your bike available in the market today. These types are determined by where the rack is mounted on the bike. These include.

Trailer mount
Just as the name denotes, this surfboard rack mimics the trailer design. It usually made with a set of wheels and designed to be mounted at the back of your bike so that it can be pulled. They are mostly used whenever large surfboards are involved. This is because they provide plenty of room to suit any type and of surfboard regardless of the size.

Side mount
Side mounts are the most utilized surfboard racks. You are at liberty to choose either those with single attachment or double attachments. Most people love this type of rack because it is simple to install and ready to use on any bike. They’re also designed to provide you with just enough room for pedaling.

Rear mount
These are very good surfboard racks for anyone who isn’t good at balancing his or her bike. All you’ve to do is hook them behind your bike and be on your way. They are however limited to certain types of bikes and can only accommodate small surfboards. So despite being the best for cycling beginners, there is the question of limits.

How Easy Is It to Install

When going for your surfboard rack, you should make sure you get the type that won’t give you a hard time during installation. There are bike racks whose manufacturers have included an installation manual with detailed instructions that are very clear and easy to follow.

However, there are other ones whose instruction are a bit foggy. This means that you will have a hard time installing them. This is one critical factor that you should confirm before making any purchase. You should also make sure that the surfboard rack you get can fit on your bike perfectly.

Remember, some surfboard racks are designed for certain types of bikes only and so if you don’t confirm; chances are you might make the wrong purchase. Also, check the number of attachment points and whether these points are supposed to be clipped or are permanently installed on your bike. With such confirmations made, go ahead and pick the one that best suits you and will fit on your bike well enough.

The materials used:
This is an essential element worth consideration. It is what determines how strong your surfboard rack is and whether it will serve you for a long time. Go for one that is made of aluminum or stainless steel. These two materials are known to be light and strong. This means that they will not add weight to your bike and will definitely be able to hold your surfboard in place. You should also make sure that it is rustproof so that you don’t end up losing it to rust in no time.

This is yet another important factor to consider. The type of surfboard you get will depend on how much you can afford. The trailer surf racks are usually the most expensive followed by the long surf racks. Those meant for short surfboards are often cheaper and easier to get. So, ensure that you go for the best quality so that you don’t end up spending more on a replacement just because you brought a cheap surfboard.

Best surfboard bike rack

Recommended product reviews:
Below are some of the unrivaled surfboard racks in the market. Having any of these will ensure that you have an easy time installing and using them. They also come with quality materials that will last longer and give you the service you require.

1. Surfboard Racks by Carver

These are known to be the best bike racks. They are designed to fit paddle boards up to 8 feet long. The TIG welded 6062 aluminum is the material used to make them.

This means that they are very strong and can carry two skim boards or a single surfboard. The racks are painted black making them rust resistant so be sure that they will last longer.

The arms of these surfboard are foam padded to keep your surfboard or skimmer boards safe and free from any scratches that might result during transportation. With all these amazing features, be ready to enjoy the best surfboard in the market.

It is very light.
It is environmentally friendly.
Comes with rubberized clamps to hold boards firmly in place.
They are rustproof and oxidation resistant.
Comes with quality material.
Compatible with a number of boards.
The paddle holding arms are adjustable to suit your needs.

The tall attachments and the nose have problems.

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2. MBB Surfboard Racks

Move by Bikes (MBB) surfboard racks are known to be the best when it comes to offering you safe and very comfortable surfboard bike racks that you will definitely love. These side mounts are made from anodized aluminum tubes with stainless steel material.

This gives the racks the strength to hold your surfboard into place while maintaining a lightweight. The arms are padded to safeguard your surfboard and the material used is rustproof meaning it is meant to last.

You are at liberty to adjust the holding clumps so that they may fit the type of surfboard you are carrying. These surfboard bike racks can carry a maximum weight of 25Lbs making them very ideal to use.

Comes with double foam padded arms.
They are made from quality materials.
They are adjustable.
Can carry longer surfboards.
Comes with rubberized clumps to hold your boards tightly into place.
They are very stable.

Their weight limit is somehow compared to other contemporary surfboard bike racks.

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3. Surfboard Rack by HO Steve

What has made Surfboard Rack by Ho steve very popular is the incredible design that enables you to hook it on any bike that has a seat. They are known to be very incredible when it comes to providing an eco-friendly way to carry your surfboard. They are designed with aluminum material which is known to be strong and very lightweight.

To ensure that its paint stays intact, the racks’ aluminum frame has been anodized. It also has bungee cords which will hold the surfboard tightly in place ensuring that it doesn’t shake during bumpy rides.

The arms are padded with foam to safeguard your surfboard from getting scratched or chipped. This is the rack that you need if at all you want something light, durable and dependable.

It is very light.
It is very durable.
It is rustproof.
Comes with bungee codes to secure your surfboard in place.
Comes with padded and adjustable arms.
Can be mounted on any bike.
The material used is strong.

It is not suitable for seat posts that are lightweight.

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4. Wheele Surfboard Rack – Broadwalk

This is a widely known surfboard rack that is not only very simple to use but also very light to pull. It comes with incredible wheels that can perform well on any terrain. It has a paddle carrier that is not only lightweight but also high quality.

This is a surfboard that you don’t need to master the art of balancing your bike for you to use as it is with the side mounts. Just attach it on your bike and drag your surfboard to the beach.

Has a unique design.
Easy to use.
Requires low maintenance.
It is hustle free.
Provides extra protection to your surfboard.

It can be quite hard fixing it on the bikes.

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The above information provides you with incredible details on factors to consider when choosing surfboard racks as well as the best bike racks in the market. 

Make sure when getting the right surfboard rack, you consider its durability, the material it has been made from and the type of surfboards it can carry. With all those checked, you should be able to purchase the rack that suits you best.

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