Top 4 Best Snorkel Mask with Mustache 2021 – Buying Guide

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It is easy to be overwhelmed when you are buying your first snorkeling mask, and that is genuinely understandable- there are many options in the market, and the terms used may sometime be confusing.

In our guide today, we will be focusing on helping people with a mustache.

If you have a mustache or beard, you need to go for a full face snorkel mask to ensure your beard is protected and doesn’t leak water inside.

Here is your complete guide to buying the best snorkel mask with mustache.


Before you buy a snorkel mask for your mustache, there are several things you need to put into consideration;


The first thing to check in a mask is how well it fits. And because you are ordering them online, you need to be very careful.

Therefore, go for snorkel masks that are designed for your type of face and one that offers adjustable features.

A mask should feel comfortable and should not exert any pressure on your nose, especially in the area between your eyes.


It is important to understand the types of full face mask that you can choose from.

Majorly, we can say that you will find low-volume or low profile masks and high volume masks. Low volume or low profile masks have low air volume as they sit close to your face.

They make it easier for you to clear out water since less water settles in them.

High volume masks offer more breathability but give you a more challenging time when it comes to clearing water.


A mask’s skirt refers to the soft silicone lining that runs around the mask to allow it to sit comfortably on your face.

You should look for a mask with supple, soft silicone when making your purchase. A quality mask should have a double seal at the top and a single seal at the bottom for easier water clearance.

The color of the skirt is also important. Colored silicone makes it easier for you to see well underwater.


This is normally a way of marketing because all masks fog unless they are properly treated. However, ensure that the mask you are buying has anti-fogging features.

Now that you have an idea on what to look for in a mask, let’s review the top 4 best snorkel mask with mustache


With this Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask 2021, you can rest assured that you will have complete visibility of the underwater environment.

It allows you to observe all the diversity of species within a 180-degree range.

Thanks to its updated design, this mask is practical and can be adjusted to fit different types of faces thanks to the back straps.

With this mask, you will have peace of mind when underwater, as you will breathe normally without having water penetrate on either side.

There are models for everyone; from small kids to adults. You can have an unforgettable experience when you put these masks on.


· Offers maximum visibility- 180 degrees

· Enables you to breathe normally

· It is made of a durable, resistant material

· Does not get fogged when you are breathing

· It is light and easy to transport

· Has a dry top snorkel to allow you to explore sea life with confidence that there will be no leakage

· Features a purge valve to allow snorkelers to get deep into the water surface


– The sand can damage its lens

– It is not designed to handle too much water depth


This full-face snorkel mask set from SeeReef features a flat clear lens that offers a more comfortable and wider viewing experience.

The mask comes with four valves that make breathing underwater easier.

In addition, it has an elongated tube that allows more air into the mask while preventing the buildup of fog.

The all-inclusive package comes with two sets of earplugs, extra seals, as well as a tailored bag that is tailored to fit your mask and its accessories.

To prevent any potential water leakages, the new design of masks features a silicone seal that completely closes any opening.


· Made from high-quality materials

· Offers good value for the money

· Has anti-leak design thanks to silicone seals

· Comes with a whole set of accessories

· Offers a panoramic wide and clear viewing angle


– The breathing tube can get detached from the mask if not handled well


This premium mask is not only easy to use but also comes with all the necessary features you need for a complete underwater experience.

Its 180 viewing area is one of the stands out features of this mask as well as the fog-resistant design.

The mask is very efficient when it comes to directing the air you exhale outside the mask.

In addition to this, dry snorkel technology allows you to stay underwater for longer periods without worrying about saltwater getting into your breathing tube.

The WildHorn Outfitters mask is made from durable silicone that can handle various elements that your mask will be inevitably exposed in the underwater environment.

As for aesthetics, this mask is not only stylish but also come in a wide range of colors.


· This mask offers a good flow of air

· It has durable silicone construction that prevents water leaks

· It boasts of a breathing chamber that helps to prevent fogging

· Has a stylish design


– It is quite pricey

– It is not suited for deep diving


This mask comes in a great package that includes an earplug set, mesh bag to carry the mask, as well as nylon carry backpack that can fit all the accessories of this mask.

What’s more, it has a camera mount feature to help you record your underwater experience.

Two main features that qualified this mask in this best snorkel mask with mustache list are its foldable design as well as the anti-fog system.

Unlike standard snorkel masks designs, this full face snorkel mask from X-Lounger can be assembled and disassembled easily.

The tube can be folded by just a push of a button.

In terms of view, this mask offers a panoramic view and also has an anti-fog system that helps you to see clearly underwater.

What’s more, the X-Lounger mask doesn’t take a lot of space in your bag, and thus easy to carry.


· Has a practical foldable design

· Features a dual anti-fog system

· Has removable camera mount

· Fitted with a tube to allow easier breathing

· The innovative tube design helps to prevent water from penetrating it


– The elastic strap tends to loosen out over time

– Not suitable for people with narrow and long faces


Despite having a few drawbacks, full face snorkel masks are the best for people with a mustache. They help to keep your beard dry and prevent water leaks.

From this list, we can highlight SeeReef Full Face Snorkel Mask Set as the right snorkel mask for a mustache.

This mask not only comes with other accessories but is also durable, and thus worth the money!