Top 4 Best Snorkel Mask For Large Head | Buying Guide

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Whether you need a good mask for your next snorkeling holiday or just looking for an upgrade to your old mask, this guide will help you choose the best snorkeling mask.

This guide is well-suited to people with larger faces and those who struggle to find a snorkel mask that can fit them well.

Read it to the end to know what are the factors to consider for the best snorkeling masks for large head and our top picks for you.



The right way to test whether the mask will fit or not is to put it on your face to confirm it sits without blocking your breath or going over your hairline.

Also, ensure that all pressure points feel comfortable and rule out any distorted vision.


If you can’t see clearly what’s in front, your snorkeling adventure would be pointless.

For those with corrective lenses, look for those masks with prescription added to the lens as these can fit special lenses to aid in visibility underwater.

Also, consider a shaped lens panel to aid in peripheral vision and have a wider field of view.

In addition, look for tampered glass as this is scratch-resistant and less likely to shatter.

Single-lens masks offer uninterrupted look as there are no seas to distract your view.

There are also multi-lens masks that come with two or more panes of glass to allow you to see more of the water without having to move your head a lot.


This is an important consideration for comfort when looking for the best snorkel mask. Having a large width silicon strap is the best as these do not slip and can disperse the weight to prevent unwanted pressure points.

On the other hand, the buckles offer easy adjustability on both sides to create a perfect fit.


This is the part of the mask that rests on your cheek and helps to create a watertight seal. High-end silicon is the most commonly used material as it adds an extra layer of comfort. Some manufacturers use a dual skirt system for added seal and comfort.



The M-1001 is one of the latest from Tusa . It features an incredibly wide field of view for people with large, wide faces.

It features a single lens on it to offer excellent visibility all around for your underwater adventures. The 180 rotational buckle system is great to ensure a snug fit.

It also presents a rounded skirt with a soft fit that reduces creases on the face to avoid getting rings around the eyes after use. The design features a silicone skirt that not only creates a watertight seal but also ensures comfort.

The patented 3D wide split strap keeps the mask in place without adjusting.

Whether you are a beginner or pro-level, this mask could work well for you, especially if you appreciate beautiful design.

Most customers also appreciate that it widens for a better fit on any shape of the face.


· Offers a single HD lens that improves the view

· Provides a low internal volume

· Provides a wide range of color choices


– People with more facial hair might have to deal with minor leaking


Looking for a mask, you increase the optical prescription-grade to enjoy many fantastic underwater sceneries?

The Promate Purge offers a range of -1.0 to -10.0 for the near-sighted and +1.0 to +4.5 for the farsighted.

It uses a diopter step lens with 0.5 increments in between the specified figures. The manufacturer provides a wide range of optical lenses made of tempered glass.

A unique feature of the RX Promate is the purge valve system helps with clearing the mask to minimize obstruction.

Besides, the mask offers a low volume silicone skirt that provides a slim fit with a channel at the bottom to direct the bubbles away from your path. The straps are easy to adjust using its multidirectional swivel.


– Offers a purge valve system for a clear view

– Offers a durable build

– Comes at reasonable price


– It tends to fog-up


Our third pick for large faces is the Abaco Oversize from ScubaMax. This is suitable for snorkelers in need of more viewing area as it offers an extra-wide design.

It is built with a single lens with nothing obscuring the view over the bridge. The lens extends further down the cheek, which results in a larger viewing area.

The mask also scores high when it comes to comfort featuring double seal silicon that feels extra soft and offers a better fit.

This is an ideal pick for snorkelers with larger and rounded facial structures as the double skirt offers a secure seal without leaking. Most customers say it’s of the best snorkeling masks for large faces.


· Offers a wider field of view

· Offers a double skirt for fit

· Comes in 7 different colors

· It is solidly built hence durable


– Not intended for those with big noses


When it comes to the best water sports gear on the market, Cressi is a well-known worldwide leader.

The Italian brand has been developing snorkeling and diving equipment for over 60 years.

Today, it keeps impressing snorkeling enthusiast all over the world with the Big Eyes Evolution being of their latest products.

People with big noses will appreciate the skirt material made of liquid seal, an exclusive material that seals your face, you might even forget you are actually snorkeling.

The frame is designed in a way it doesn’t press your skin so you can wear it for hours.

Cressi features tampered lenses which are scratch-resistant with an angles lens that offers a wider field of view.

It is easy to fasten the fit with the adjustable buckle for a tighter fit. The masks come in color black and clear.


· Offers excellent visibility

· It seals extremely well

· It’s soft and lightweight

· Low volume


– Although the mask is designed to work with prescription lenses, it requires effort.


One of the main gears of snorkeling is your mask as it allows you to see the beauty of the underworld effortlessly.

As long as your mask fits comfortably and provides clear lenses, it’s all a snorkeler needs. We hope this guide helps you spot the best snorkeling mask for your needs.

For our list, it’s hard to recommend the best mask for your needs but based on customer reviews, the ScubaMax Abaco Single Lens Oversize mask fits most people with large faces.