5 Best Snorkel Mask for Kids 2021: The Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to snorkeling, we often picture adults exploring water surfaces, but the truth is that children too are now participating in snorkeling as well.

Snorkeling is an amazing sport/activity for kids as it keeps them active and also act as a way of exercising. It is also education since your kid will learn more about the underwater world.best snorkel mask for big head

The best snorkel mask for kids will make snorkeling not only enjoyable but also keep them safe. And as with any water gear, there are several things you should know about best kids’ masks.

Thankfully, you will not have to waste a lot of time doing research as we have compiled everything for you.

Read our buyer’s guide so as to be able to choose the right snorkel mask for your kid.

What to Look For In the Best Snorkel Mask For Kids

  • Sizing

Sizing a snorkel mask is quite straightforward. You should measure the distance from the chin to the bridge of the nose. This distance will decide the size of the mask you will go for.

Most manufacturers who sell masks for kid will use similar measurement formula. One thing you do not want to do is to get a large-sized mask in the hopes that your kid will grow into it.

What will happen if the mask doesn’t completely fit is that it will not keep the water out. Water will get into the mask, and this will make snorkeling experience for your kid horrible. Therefore, ensure that you get it right with the sizing, and also go for mask that suits the shape of your kid’s face.

  • Dry snorkel and quality skirt

For your kid’s snorkel mask to stay dry, there are several things it should have. First, it needs to be of the right size as we discussed earlier. Most people who complain about mask leakages often wear masks that are ill-fitting. Therefore, one of the things to do is to get the sizing right.

Another thing is to look at the skirt. The skirt is the lining that ensures your mask sits comfortably on your face. The best skirts are made from soft silicone, which is known to prevent water from leaking into the mask. If the size is right and the skirt sits comfortably on your skin, there will should be no gap, and thus no water leakage.

Another thing to look for in a snorkel mask that ensures your face stays dry is the dry snorkel. This float, which usually resembles a ball, closes the snorkel when you get underwater. It also prevents waves or facial expression from letting water in.

It is important to mention that there will be situations where smaller amounts of water will find its way into the snorkel mask, but a quality full-face snorkel mask should have a purge valve that allows you to get rid of the water inside the mask without taking off the mask.

  • Viewing section

Another important thing to look for in a snorkel mask is the viewing area. This is majorly dictated by the shape of the mask- is it flat or curved? A flat viewing surface reduces distortion and offers a clearer view. A curved surface will create some distortion, but will give you a better view on the sideways. The distortion can make some people feel dizzy, at least for a while before they get used to wearing a curved mask.

We would advise that you go for mask with a flat lens as they will ensure you get a clearer view and will not make you feel dizzy.

  • Ease of use

A kid’s snorkel mask should be easy to use and wear. This means that putting it on and off the mask should not be a difficult job. Also, breathing through the snorkel mask should be as seamless as if you are outside the water surface.

With this in mind, you are now in a better position to choose the right snorkel mask. Here are the top-rated snorkel masks for kids 2021:

Cozia Design Snorkel Full Face Mask

Many users who reviewed this mask rated it as being suitable for the whole family.

This set comes in different sizes; from kid sizes to men with larger faces. Apart from a mask and snorkel, the set comes with adjustable swim fins with soft pockets for your child’s comfort.

The frame is made of durable plastic, and the silicone skirt ensures a tight fit for your kid. The Cozia set features a long dry top seal that prevents water from leaking into the mask when your kid is underwater.

The incorporation of the drain-valve feature makes it easy to clear the mask without removing it. The tip of the snorkel is bright for easy visibility underwater.

The reason why many kids enjoy snorkeling with this mask is the freedom to breathe and the wide view they get.

The lens is made of shatterproof polycarbonate with a clear view and is scratch-resistant.

Better yet, it does not fog, thanks to the dual airflow ventilation system that expels the bad air and ventilates the mask. The silicone padding is soft on the face and can adjust to various face shapes.

The 180° wide angle allows for uninterrupted vision with a GoPro camera mount located at the top for your little one to capture great moments.

The amazing black glasses provide excellent peripheral vision by allowing more light to pass through the lenses.

This set also comes with flippers to allow children to propel themselves with ease to avoid leg cramps. These are designed for power and can propel with ease suitable for kids who are just starting.

They have an open feet design with a rubberized bottom to offer grip on surfaces. You can adjust the fins to fit your kids’ size, and the pocket is comfortable on the feet.


  • Features an effective anti-leak system for the safety of your child
  • The 180-degree wide lens offers a clear view
  • The silicone pad is soft on your face
  • The long snorkel offers better circulation
  • Comes with powerful fins


  • Tends to fog when snorkeling for longer periods

Subea Tribord Easybreath Full Face Mask for Kids

To ensure that children are safe when snorkeling, parents have to ensure that they get a durable snorkeling mask that doesn’t fog and leak.

The Subea Tribord will make for a pleasant snorkel mask that’s equipped wide lenses for added visibility in the water.

Besides, your kids won’t suffer from sore jaws as this mask fits comfortably and allows them to breathe through the mouth and nose.

This mask is salt-resistant with a dry snorkel design that stops water and salt from entering the mouth to prevent gag reflex.

Although this mask is only suitable for surface dives, the dry mechanism prevents water from flowing in in case the snorkel dips in the water.

As a backup, in case any droplets make way into the mouthpiece, the purge valve lets your kid expel the water by exhaling.

This snorkel mask from Subea also features the dual ventilation feature to prevent fogging.

The technology creates an airway that connects to your nose and mouth so that the warm CO2 is expelled while allowing fresh air to enter. It is an excellent mask for kids who are just gaining snorkeling experience.

If your kid likes underwater movie making, this snorkel mask also comes with an optional GoPro camera mount that could come handy.

However, the mount’s location may obstruct your overhead view. The good thing with the attachable mount is it secures your camera tightly to capture excellent shots underwater.

Also, your kid will love the silicone skirt that offers a snug fit without pressing certain areas of the face.

The mouthpiece is also made of soft silicone, which ensures your kid doesn’t remove the snorkel often.


  • It’s so easy to breathe
  • The dry top snorkel ensures no leaks
  • Comes with a drain valve at the chin area
  • It does not fog with a dual-chamber airway system
  • The soft mouthpiece ensures no jaw fatigue
  • It’s noticeable to other divers


  • Although the camera mount is optional, its location at the top may obstruct the upper view

Cressi Junior Snorkel Set

For budget-conscious parents looking for a colorful snorkel set for their kids to use on vacation, the Rocks Kids Set is the answer.

It contains all the standard snorkeling components with a nice gear bag that is useful for trips. The Cressi Junior Snorkel set comes with numerous exciting features that make it stand out from the rest.

One issue that Cressi addressed with this set is the open-heeled fins. They are sizeable, and kids can adjust to fit for ease of movement underwater.

Most fins tend to fall during intense paddling, which is not the case with the Cressi fins. The paddles move well in with most kids praising them for extra power and speed. They also feel light with comfortable pockets to prevent sores and cuts on your child’s feet.

The superhero-like design of the mask will excite your kid, while also offering seal-proof cover.

The glass is tempered to withstand the pressure in case of hits and scratches from water elements like sand.

Another great feature of the mask is the strap buckle that lets your kid adjust according to their face. The skirt is made of silicone to ensure the perfect seal and comfort.

The snorkel in Cressi Junior also comes with a dry snorkel that’s very important if your kid is just beginning snorkeling.

If the whole snorkel is submerged, the inner float valve helps to seal the breathing tube to block water from entering.

Customers also noted that kids remove the snorkel less frequently from the mouth due to the flexibility of the silicone mouthpiece.

Besides, the one-way purge valve is ridiculously easy to use with just one exhale.

As with most sets, the Cressi Junior set comes with a gear bag made of mesh to drain water fast. Kids love it because it’s easy to close using the drawstring and light to throw on the shoulders.


  • Perfect fit for most kids
  • The mask offers a broad view, and the vision is clear
  • The dry snorkel ensures no water enters the tube
  • The mesh bag provides easy drying and secure storage


  • The fins are a bit short

WildHorn 180 degrees GoPro

Are you looking for a full face snorkeling mask for your kid’s upcoming snorkeling excursions? Well, the WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180 degrees is one of the best snorkeling full face masks you can get in the market at a reasonable price.

This new version offers incredible features to allow your little one to enjoy the wonders under the sea.

Featuring 180 degrees’ field of view, the WildHorn GoPro offers unparalleled visibility to make sure you don’t miss a moment under the sea.

What’s more, the silicon skirt effortlessly sits on your kid’s face without allowing water to leak for a calm experience. Besides, the Polycarbonate lens is shatterproof and scratch-resistant to prevent blurred vision.

For kids that want to capture the amazing ocean creatures underwater, this mask comes with a GoPro camera mount that allows for hands-free recording to share with friends and family.

What makes snorkeling troublesome for most kids who are just learning is repetitively fogging up.

Fortunately, the updated WildHorn Seaview is one of the best kids mask that doesn’t fog up.

It is also constructed with an innovative ventilation design that features a separate chamber from your main viewing visor to keep you enjoying the serenity of the sea with a clear vision.

Thanks to the dry snorkeling technology, you don’t have to worry about your kid breathing in water.

Additionally, the WildHorn airway is well protected to keep away salty water from your mouth, which prevents gagging.

Should water leak in, this brand has cleverly placed a valve under the chin to drain excess water.

Once your head pops out of the water, the self-purging valve will clear the water inside your face mask.

What’s more, this product comes with wide adjustable straps to ensure it fits well to provide maximum comfort.


  • Comes with a separate breathing chamber to prevent fogging
  • The durable silicone construction prevents water leakage
  • It has a 180-degree wide viewing area
  • It comes with a GoPro mount to attach a camera


  • Not suitable for deep diving

The Ocean Reef Full Face Mask

Snorkelling is one of the most daring activities that kids can indulge in during the summer holidays.

With this perfect face mask, your kid is ready to can open a new world under the sea. Launched in 2014, the Ocean Reef Aria is designed to fit the need of any wearer from small to large faces.

Featuring dual-channel internal ventilation and a snorkel, this mask allows you to breath naturally via your nose and mouth.

The air circulation is excellent to ensure that fresh air is always available to inhale for a relaxed and comfortable adventure under the ocean.

Thanks to the internal ‘oral-nasal’ channel, the carbon dioxide exhaled does not combine with incoming clean, breathable air which makes a suitable choice for your kid.

With a top dry snorkel, the Ocean Reef is one of the best scuba masks that won’t leak.  The snorkel is extra-long and well protected to ensure that water won’t find a way through for maximum safety.

The Ocean Reef features a self-purging valve below the chin to easily empty excess water with only a single exhale making it super safe for your kid.

What’s more, the silicone seal lining by itself is more than enough to provide a seal and ensure a soft but tight fit for your child. The mouthpiece is also smooth, so your kid should find it comfortable and prevents jaw fatigue.

This device also comes with a panoramic 180-degree lens to provide a better peripheral vision to enjoy the beauty under the sea. Combined with the flat lenses, your kid can have a spectacular view of the marine world without having to deal with refraction. The straps are adjustable to ensure fit for your young one.


  • It comes with 180 degrees view window for an unobstructed view
  • Provides a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable straps ensure fit and hold the mask in place
  • Dual-chamber ventilation reduces fogging
  • The dry top seal prevents water from entering the mask


  • You need to spend some extra bucks.

Choosing the Best Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids

It is essential that you consider safety first when looking for the best snorkeling mask for your children.

We have scoured far and wide to find the safest, most affordable and functional snorkeling gear for your kid. After reading this guide, we hope you get what you are looking for and probably gain more insight into kids snorkeling gear in general.

If you are not still sure about which is the best full face mask for kids list and not sure what to pick? You can try out the Cressi Junior Snorkeling Set for kids. It’s colorful and comes with all the standard components your child needs to be safe and have fun underwater. It’s also affordable if you intend to spend less.

Oh, one more thing to do…

Do not forget to get one for yourself too.

FAQ About Best Snorkel Mask for Kids

Are full face masks safe for children?

They are completely safe. Unlike traditional goggles, the main advantage of a full face mask is that it allows you to breathe through the nose and mouth. Besides, there is no need to bite a snorkel so the tension is taken off your jaw. These masks also do not fog as they have been split into two chambers; one that goes over the mouth and nose and the upper part where lenses stay clear. This is a great feature for kids who are just learning snorkeling.

How does sizing work with children’s full face masks?

The biggest fear when buying face masks for children is whether it will fit them. A mask that’s too big will allow water in, while one that’s too small might feel too tight. Generally, most XS (kids) sizes range between 8.5 – 10 cm starting from the bridge of the nose all the way to the chin.

Keep in mind that some children have different face sizes. Some have bigger faces than their age. The good thing is that full face snorkel can still work well if they are a bit smaller than your child’s face. Avoid getting a bigger mask thinking that your child will grow into it. Always get their exact size.

What do I get if my child is too small for a face mask?

If you intend to introduce your child into the underwater world, you may find that even the smallest XS is too buggy for them. A suitable alternative for you is a bucket snorkel as this works best for very young children who are still not good swimmers.

What’s a dry Snorkel?

A dry snorkel stops the water from entering your mask. Most full face masks have this system that contains a ball float inside. Anytime you go under water, the ball rises to close the opening of the tube/snorkel.

How do I clean a kid’s snorkel mask?

You should clean your child’s gear after every visit to the water. Cleaning a mask is straightforward because you just rinse it under warm water to remove sand, salt and other debris. If your gear is soiled, wash with warm soapy water and a cloth then rinse with warm water.

What is the best full face mask for children?

When choosing masks for children, ensure that you choose brands that provides XS and S sizing. Additionally, ensure that it provides reasonable return policy in case you find that sizing isn’t right.

The best full face masks in the market for kids right now are Cressi Junior Set that contains a high-quality mask and fins. Other well reviewed full face masks for kids include the WildHorn Outfitters Seaview and Ocean Reef Aria snorkel mask.