5 Best Snorkel Mask for Glasses 2021| Buying Guide

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Yes, you have decided to go snorkeling, but there is one slight problem that you have to solve first? You wear prescription glasses.

How can you put on a mask over your glasses? Is it even possible to snorkel with glasses on?

Well, the good news is that if you wear glasses, you can use prescription snorkel masks. You may ask, can one snorkel with glasses? Well, it is nearly impossible to dive with normal glasses on since spectacles are not designed to be used underwater.

Luckily, some companies make prescription snorkeling masks to cater to snorkel enthusiasts with weak eyesight.

And in this guide, we will review the best snorkel mask for glasses.

But before then, let’s give you a simple guide on how to pick the right snorkel mask.


There are a few things you should consider before you buy a snorkel mask for glasses. Here are the main factors;


The first thing that you should consider is the lens. The type and strength of lenses are what make that mask a prescription mask.

You should, therefore, get a mask that helps to counteract your eye problems. There are two types of masks that suit different users; you can get nearsighted lenses or farsighted lenses.

Though the lenses may not match your exact prescription, they should be close to what your prescription figure.

2. FIT

In addition to the lens prescription, you should also consider how well a mask fit.

What you need to know is that even if you choose a snorkel mask for glasses with the best lenses and it fails to fit, it will just be a wastage of money.

To choose a mask with the right fit, look for those with a silicone skirting instead of PVC skirting. Silicone is the best skirting material and offers a better seal.

It is also flexible and doesn’t allow water leaks even when you smile. In addition, it is more comfortable as compared to PVC skirting.


Another thing you should not forget to put into consideration is the buckles and straps.

Does the mask come with adjustable straps? It should be adjustable to give you a better fit.


Finally, you need to factor in your budget- how much are you able and willing to spend? It is important to mention that not all pricy masks are the best, and not all cheap masks are of poor quality.

Therefore, look for a mask that has your desired features within your budget range.

With these factors in mind, we can now review the top 5 best snorkel masks for glasses wearers;


Our first on our list is this optical corrective snorkeling mask by Promate, which can be used for free diving and swimming.

The mask has prescription lenses for people who are farsighted, nearsighted, and those who need bifocals.

It has a high-quality design thanks to its leak-proof prevention frame. It also has a double skirt for extra comfort and doesn’t fog, thereby resulting in a clearer vision when you are in the underwater world.

The corrective lens covers the entire front area resulting in a clear vision no matter the part of the mask you look out from.

From the reviews, we noted that users with astigmatism also found this mask helpful. What’s more, this prescription mask by Promate has a bifocal mask option.

The mask is available in different color options, including black, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, transparent, and red options. It also comes with a GoPro removable option, which is perfect for freedivers.


· It has both farsighted and near-sighted options, as well as bifocal options

· They are made of tempered glass, making them durable

· They are lightweight and thus comfortable

· Fits a wide range of face shapes, but it is ideal for medium faces


– People with relatively larger foreheads can experience an imperfect fit


This prescription mask offered by a renowned brand, Promate, is a great option for people who are looking for a mask that features a purge skirt system.

The purge valve is easy to operate as it is located in a convenient place on your mask- at the top of the nose area. You can use this to get rid of all the water in your mask.

As with other prescription snorkel masks made by Promate, these snorkel mask ensures comfort by having dimples on both sides of the nose area.

Their pre-curved mouthpiece, which has a silicone skirt, helps to improve comfort. What’s more, these masks come with a specific buckle that attaches to the mask to help you you customize its fit.

Used for prescription purposes, these masks are great for farsighted and nearsighted issues.

They cover the prescription range of -1 to -10 for nearsighted issues. For farsighted vision issues, these masks cover the range from +1 to +5 in 0.5 increments.


· It is suitable for farsighted and nearsighted issues

· Has flexible silicone inserts

· Comes with a pre-curved silicone piece for a wider vision

· There is a full range of colors you can choose from to suit different styles


– It might not be suitable for people with mustaches and beards


This prescription mask for near-sighted vision issues is a great, quality mask that is made to last.

With tempered glass lenses as well as crystal silicone skirt, you can rest assured that this mask will serve you for a long time and will be comfortable.

What’s more, it has an easy to adjust buckle design thanks to the mask strap. In addition, it has a blue frame and a clear silicone skirt for greater visibility when you are underwater.

From the many reviews posted by users, we noted that many people applauded its comfortable fit on their face, although there were some comments regarding leakage.

Therefore, for people who have near-sight vision issues, this is a prescription snorkel mask we can recommend while diving or even swimming.

It is important to mention that this mask may not be 100% fog-proof.


· Can suit people with corrective lenses in the range from -1.5 to -6.0

· Has crystal silicone facial skirt for greater visibility

· Comes with a unique buckle design to allow you to adjust to fit your face

· It is great for smaller faces

· Users report excellent quality


– May not be great for people with protruding or large foreheads


With a wide peripheral view, this snorkel mask is great for people with near sight vision issues. They are compatible with prescription lenses ranging from -1 to -10.

With an extra broad peripheral view, you will get an unobstructed vision no matter the angle you look at.

In terms of fit, this mask has flexible straps that you can use to adjust the fit of your mask. In terms of comfort, Promate RX Prescription Snorkelling Mask features a silicone insert on the nose area for increased comfort.


· It is a great choice for near-sight vision issues

· Has a soft silicone skirt for comfort

· It has a two-window design

· Features an adjustable strap to enable you to get a customized fit


– It is not suitable for far-sight vision issues


The YEESAM ART Snorkeling Diving Mask is the last mask on our list, and we can say that it is quality in every way.

It uses a tempered glass lens that offers a wide viewing area. With this mask, you will instantly notice that you can see clearly underwater.

What’s more, it has a silicone skirt that makes it leak-free. The skirt has a thickened layer of silicone material that offers all the necessary support and comfort.

These goggles are designed for myopic people and can cater for people with corrective lenses ranging from -1.5 to -9.

They have an easy-to-adjust strap that allows you to adjust the fit for greater comfort. The mask is known for its superior quality, which makes it a great buy for the money.


· They are great for near sight vision issues

· They are quality, and thus durable

· Features a soft hypo-allergic silicone skirt for a leak-free diving experience

· They are classy and beautiful


– They may not suit people with relatively large heads


Snorkeling with poor eyesight is restricting. You want to be able to see all the beautiful structures and aquatic creatures underwater.

In addition to seeing the breathtaking underwater world, you will need clarity to avoid colliding with structures and rocks underneath the water.

That’s why prescription masks are there to help you see properly when in the water.

We hope that you have spotted the right prescription mask from our list. In case you still want more guidance, we can recommend Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel.

This mask is not only quality but also has most of the features you need in the best snorkel mask for glasses. With this mask, you will get an unforgettable underwater adventure.