5 Best Snorkel Mask for Big Head| 2021 – Guide

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If you are a diving enthusiast, you comprehend the need to have every gear, and the snorkel mask is no brainer.best snorkel mask for big head

Having the right snorkel mask makes diving, spearfishing, or free-diving an enjoyable and successful hobby.


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Best Snorkel Mask for Big Head: Complete Rundown

Greatever G2 full face

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Being a new model in the market, the Geatever is a snorkel full face mask designed with convenient, folding, and affordability in mind.

It comes with a curved designed mirror and a180 – degree panoramic vision. This model is durable, and its sealing skirt is food-grade silicone made for a leak-free and comfortable fit.

Besides, its silicone layer separates air from the mouth and nose to minimize fogging. Overall, for a safe and affordable option, the Greatever option is one of the few snorkel masks worth consideration.


  • It is available in various colors
  • Allows you to breath via mouth or nose
  • It is foldable, hence easy to transport
  • It possesses a camera mount
  • It is an adjustable model with quick release straps


  • No treatment for anti-fogging


Cressi Panoramic 4

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Made by Cressi store, this option is one of the best that makes snorkeling effortless. It comes in either black/red.

The good thing about this option is that it features tempered glass, top-notch silicone, and a 4 lens panoramic design. Surprisingly, it was developed and designed with innovative technology, making it a fit option for a lot of faces.

Overall, it is a compact and lightweight option weight and measuring 0.75 pounds and 4.1×5.4×7.8 inches.


  • It is a low volume design
  • It is a lightweight and great size
  • It is made of 100% liquid silicone to assist in molding it to your face
  • It is a durable option
  • It possesses adjustable features to make it fit any face shape
  • It is affordable


  • It is not ideal for individuals with a smaller face


Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2

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If you are looking for a nice design and high-quality snorkel mask, ScubaPro spectra low volume is a great option.

It comes with outstanding performance and has swivel buckles features for easy adjustment.

The high-quality lenses included are created from tempered glass for safety purposes and offer a wide range of views. This option also can be adjusted with push-button buckles to fit any head.


  • It is a durable option
  • It is a great quality good for the money
  • It is a comfortable model
  • It can be adjusted to fit any size of the head


  • No panoramic view


TUSA M-1001

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When looking for an option to maximize the field of view, TUMA M-1001 is the best option. It boasts of its huge Freedom HD lens, which offers a jumbo view on underwater panoramas.

It is designed with quality, affordability, and performance in mind. It is comfortable to wear on a number of face shapes.

If you love attractiveness, this option displays an impressive look in its execution and design.

It possesses a stainless frame at the sides and at the top to provide it with a solid look. Included are the straps, buckles, and has a 180 – degrees buckle system. Interestingly, this option can be adjusted up to 5 positions with the aid of its 5 strap angle adjuster.


  • It has an awesome wide field of view
  • It has a big frame with a reduced internal volume
  • It is comfortable even for large heads


  • Fogging up issues

Verdict and recommendation

Snorkeling is a hobby that requires you to invest in the right mask. If you have a big head, don’t just buy any model in the market.

Remember, comfort while diving is the key and shouldn’t be ignored whatsoever. With this comprehensive guide, you should be able to make an informed decision while buying a mask for snorkeling or diving needs.

That said, why not consider the likes of Greatever G2 full face. Besides being an attractive option, it is designed with convenience, comfortability, folding, and affordability, and durability in mind.

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This guide can help you be it if you are looking for the snorkel mask for a big face or for a big nose.

Snorkeling or Scuba diving essentially becomes easy when visuals are prioritized; thus, it is important to invest in a comfortable mask, keeps water out, and most importantly, offer a prime viewing platform. So how do you pick the right snorkel mask for a big head?

Well, selecting the right snorkel mask, especially for a big head, it can be a daunting task due to various options available.

There are several masks with distinct sizes, shapes, and types, and actually, our faces are different. To help you invest in the right options, here is a comprehensive guide on what you should focus on prior to purchasing a snorkel mask.

  • Ultimate size and comfort

For individuals with big heads, diving with a smaller mask makes you uncomfortable. Thus, it is vital to research a mask that fits your face well. Consider trying two or three masks of different sizes at your local dive shop to know the right size for you.

  • Sealing skirt

Basically, this encompasses the outside, soft lining of the mask that rests on your face directly. Its prime objective is to seal the interior section completely. If you have a big head, you need to consider this factor too because sometimes, the feature enables little water seepage, and in others, the seal grinds the forehead. That said, it is critical to invest in a top-notch sealing skirt, which is effective and comfortable.

  • Adjustability

Masks for big heads usually come with tweaking and adjusting features to help the user position it in the right spot. The right snorkel mask for big head, therefore, encompasses several techniques to attain an ideal fit.

  • Vision quality

The ultimate goal of any snorkel mask is actually to allow you to have a view of ocean wonders. With that in mind, don’t invest in any mask you find with visibility imperfections as they will be enhanced under the water and halt your vision.