Best Snorkel Gear For Scalloping 2021- Buying and Top-Rated Gears

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Scalloping is one of the most anticipated activities in the summer between June and September.

For starters, a scallop is an edible fan-shaped shell that swims by opening and closing the shells.
Many snorkelers agree that the seashells are sweet without the fishy flavor, and when well-prepared, they are tender, moist, and delicious.

It’s easy to see why families spend a lot of their vacation days doing this rewarding underwater experience.

If you like snorkeling and enjoy eating freshly caught seafood food, then a scalloping hunt should be on your summer bucket list.

In this guide, we will provide the best snorkel mask for scalloping as well as snorkeling gear.

Whether you are just looking to upgrade your snorkeling gear or get a quality set for your upcoming holiday, this guide is for you.



If you intend to go into the deeper water, you will need is a good diver mask that can provide a good fit, clear lenses, and a high-quality strap. Most masks tend to get foggy, so you might need an anti-fog spray as it does the trick. Ensure that it fits.


The snorkel allows you to dive much deeper as you can breathe easily by attaching it to your mask. As a result, it should provide a comfortable bite. Look for snorkels with a mouthpiece made of a soft material like silicone.


For scalloping, you need to go deeper underwater. Having light and half-size fins is vital as they propel you more effortlessly and are easy to pack when travelling.


Seavanger is based in Canada and has become popular for its top-rated snorkeling products in the past few decades. One of the main selling points of the Aviator set is that it costs less and offers more than the most expensive sets.

This is an excellent choice for all ages as all sizes are available for kids and adults.

The mask features a quality build with a tempered lens to resist. Moreover, it has a single piece lens offering a broader vision to see the scallops.

The skirt of the mask features soft silicone that can fit children and adults and ensure a watertight seal.

The mouthpiece of the snorkel also features a soft silicone material that offers a tight grip to prevent jaw fatigue as a result of biting.

There is also a splashguard that comes with a ball float valve to keep water from getting inside the snorkel.

On the other end of the snorkel is the purge valve to empty the snorkel in case some water gets inside.

The fins in this Seavanger snorkeling set are unique with a soft-vented design that allows you to move far more effortlessly in water and propel at a higher velocity.

There are multiple colors to choose from for this set, depending with your style.


· Highly durable

· Beginner-friendly

· Offered at a bargain


– The mask tends to fog


Here is another top snorkeling set for adults and kids and a great set for beginners with a safe snorkel that features a splash top.

It also feature the Hydro-Adhesion technology that helps to prevents water leaking into snorkel barrel.

This model offers a two-window mask that lets you view all angles without tilting your head.

The silicone seal is comfortable on the skin and can hold up well even in salty water.

This mask is suitable for those with a normal narrow type face.

The Proflex fins are smaller with a soft closed-heal pocket that’s cozier to allow you to propel for hours when chasing scallops.

Besides, there are dual-composite vented blades that offer additional power. Coming from a trusted name in water sports gear, you can rest assured that this is a top pick.


· Offers a comfortable face mask

· The submersible snorkel ensures easy water purging

· The fins pockets are comfortable


– The mask can have minor leakages


The Scuba Choice Nearsighted Prescription mask is a suitable option if you need the best snorkel mask for scalloping suited for people with corrective lenses.

This dual-window mask comes with tampered lenses to provide unobstructed views and a transparent silicone facial skirt that fits snugly and less likely to scare off the scallops.

For nearsighted snorkelers, the available corrective lenses available for this mask range from -1.5 to -6.0 with 0.5 increments.

The strap is easy to adjust, courtesy of its unique buckle design that can slide easily to provide the right fit. These masks are suitable for both small and medium face shapes.


· It features a robust build

· Offers amazing view

· Excellent for those with corrective lenses


– May leak sometimes


The Cressi Palau Snorkel set is designed to withstand mud, sand, salt, chlorine, and pounding waves for the best scalloping experience.

The mask has a dual-lens tampered glass with clear edges for better peripheral vision. What’s more, the silicone skirt adapts to most faces for a perfect fit and provides a better seal.

It also features a flexible dry snorkel with a soft silicone mouthpiece.

This product comes with an Anti-Splash end valve to prevent water from trickling down your snorkel.

It also features an automatic closing valve that completely seals the tube and helps with water purging.

The shorter Palau fins are easier to pack and deliver excellent propulsion under the waves.

Additionally, they feature a modern open-heel design that’s more powerful with a fully adjustable strap for fit.


· Beginner-friendly

· Does not leak

· Offers a cozy fit


– The straps tend to loosen


For those looking for all the gear you’d need in your next scalloping adventure, this set offers six products in one package.

The mask offers high-level eye protection with ultra-clear lenses to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery.

The skirt is made of soft silicone that should offer an amazing seal and is soft on your skin.

The Top-dry snorkel features a closing valve that seals the tube to allow for clean and unobstructed breathing.

Besides, the valve at the bottom allows for easier water purging if water enters the tube.

It is easy to detach the snorkel from the mask using the quick-release buckles, and you don’t have to adjust the straps every day.

The package also features a waterproof clear phone case in case you need to carry your phone underwater and capture incredible scenes.

Other gears included in the package include stylish adjustable swim fins, a beach blanket, and a portable carry bag for all your snorkeling gear.


· For smaller to medium heads

· Offers excellent vision

· Comes with numerous accessories


– Not ideal for people with large heads


We hope this guide helps you get the right gear to enjoy your snorkeling experience.

All our choices are handpicked based on user experience and reviews, as well as expert recommendations.

Try out the U.S Divers Consumel set if you are not sure what to go with. The package includes a mask, snorkel, fins, and a gear bag.