Best RV Tires Fifth Wheel 2021| All you need to know

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Eventually, you will have to replace the tires of your RV. However, you cannot do so without finding the right tire. It is essential to go with the best RV tires 5th wheel.

The question is, which ones are they?

We will today share 5 best RV tires fifth wheel. Along with this list, we will share a buying guide to make it easier for you to choose between these 5 options.

Let us look at the buying guide first to understand how you can choose between the 5 best RV tires fifth wheel.

How To Choose RV tires fifth wheel?
When you compare the 5 best RV tires fifth wheel below, you should compare them on parameters like:
Load capacity:
In case you have a smaller fifth wheel, the load-carrying capacity should be 1500 LBS. If it is a bigger fifth wheel, the load-carrying capacity should be 2800 LBS.

You shouldn’t ignore the load-carrying capacity of the tires.

Not always, you will need to replace all the RV tires. That is why you have to look at the quantity in which you can buy the tires. Of course, if you can buy it in a single quantity, you can buy all four tires as well. However, if the minimum quantity is four, you will have to buy the entire set.

That is why you have to look at the number of tires you need and the number of tires you can buy. Only when you can purchase the tires in the quantity you need can you go with that option.

The construction quality of the tire needs to be up to the mark. If it is not, the tire will start disintegrating soon. Especially if you have harsh weather, the tires can suffer from extensive wear and tear. In that case, you might have to replace it in 3 years.

To avoid this, you have to consider the construction quality of the tires while choosing one.

Tread design:
The design of the treads will determine the traction you get on the road surface. You need to look at the tread design and the depth and take a call after that.

Comparing the RV tires fifth wheel on these 4 parameters will undoubtedly help you choose the right one. Now, check out the 5 best RV tires.

  1. Gremax All Steel ST235/80R16 14PR RV Trailer Tires:
    The very first option is a set of 4 tires which are perfect for RV. The 14 ply design means that they can work pretty well on any terrain. Additionally, they consist of all steel tubeless tires. That is why the durability is excellent.

Wondering about the weight carrying capacity?

The weight carrying capacity of these tires are 4080 LPS. That is why they are perfect for trailers as well as RVs.

The trade of 0.38 inches ensures that the traction you get on the road is excellent.

The set of 4 ensures that you can replace your RV’s entire set of tires by buying a single set.

Heavy-duty construction is the reason why these tires are on our list.


Set of 4
14 ply design
Suitable for RV and trailers
Deep treads
Easy to install
Premium quality


Packaging needs improvement

  1. Goodyear G670 RV ULT Commercial Truck:
    In case you’re looking for a single tire, you can go with this one. The weight carrying capacity of 4540 LBS does not disappoint.

The radial tire design ensures that the traction which you get on the road is excellent.

The 12 32nds tread depth ensures that you won’t have to worry about the lack of traction. The section width is 245 MM.

Thus, when you’re looking for a single tire for your RV, you can consider this one.


Proper traction
Excellent load-carrying capacity
Single tire
Radial tire design


Finishing can be better

  1. MILLION PARTS Set of 2 15″ Trailer Tires:
    The tires which we are speaking about now come in a set of 2. They consist of five lugs of 4.5 inches. The diameter is 15 inches. Keeping these factors in mind, they can work pretty well for RVs and trailers.

The six-ply construction ensures that they can handle any terrain. The built-in rim means that the strength is excellent. That is why the wear and tear which the tires suffer from is less.

The high-class rubber material ensures that they will last for years together. They are incredibly reliable.

The design is such that they are easy to install.

The anti-slip feature of these tires is another reason why they are on our list.

Considering all these factors, these are the RV tires that you cannot ignore.


Set of 2
Anti-slip design
Built-in rims
Premium quality rubber construction


Bit bulky

  1. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire:
    The tread depth of 9 32nds ensures that this tire can provide you with proper traction. Often, you will drive your RV or fifth wheel on rough terrain. However, with the excellent tread depth, it is easy to get traction.

The load capacity is 1609 LBS. Apart from that, the higher resistance ensures that wear and tear isn’t a problem.

Another property of this tire is that it has high heat resistance.

The universal fit design means that whether you want to install them on the RV or the trailer, you can do so without any worry.

The section width is 225 MM.

Thus, if you’re looking for a single tire that can handle any weather, you can consider this one.


Available in single quantity
High wear and tear resistance
Excellent durability
Universal fit


Load capacity can be higher

  1. TRAILER KING ST235/80R16 Trailer King RST Tire:
    The advantage of this RV tire is that it can handle 3520 LBS. The tread depth of 8 MM ensures that traction isn’t excellent.

Moreover, it provides you with excellent control at higher speeds. The tire’s design is such that you won’t have to worry about extensive wear and tear. It reduces the rolling resistance, which means that driving it on any terrain is undoubtedly possible and easy.

Another feature is the nylon overlay on top. That is why the strength is maintained. It can easily carry the weight for which it is rated.

The ease of installation means that you won’t need a professional to install it.

Thus, when you’re looking for a single tire with a high weight carrying capacity, this one certainly does not disappoint.


Excellent control
High weight carrying capacity
Heavy-duty construction
Reduces rolling resistance


Packaging can be better

When you’re searching for the best RV tires fifth wheel, these 5 options will not disappoint you. Before you buy one of these, it is time to look at the answers to some FAQs. Once you go through the answers, making the right decision about the tires is easy.

Do trailer tires need to be balanced?
Trailer tires often support the vertical load. That is why they do not require dynamic balancing like regular passenger car tires. The maintenance is undoubtedly low.

How long do fifth wheel tires last?
While buying the tires, every manufacturer will let you know about the service life of the tires. However, generally speaking, fifth wheel tires can last for 5 years. This is assuming that you maintain them properly and use them in a usual fashion.

When should I replace my 5th wheel tires?
Ideally, you should replace the fifth wheel tires every 3 to 6 years.

Isn’t that a broad range?

The reason for the same is because the exact period in which you should replace the RV tires depends on factors like:

· Tire quality
· Miles covered
· Maintenance
· Terrain on which you drive
· How you drive

When you consider these factors can you determine in how many years you should replace the Fifth wheel tires.

Why do you cover RV tires?
When the tires’ rubber is exposed to UV rays, it can suffer from wear and tear. While this might not happen in a single day, the wear and tear can increase when the tires are consistently exposed to UV rays. Similarly, low temperatures can also impact the RV tires.

To protect the tires from weather, it is a good idea to use the covers for RV tires.

Why do trailer tires suffer from so much wear and tear?
How you use the trailer tires are entirely different as compared to the passenger cars. The reason for the same is because many times, the trailer is parked on uneven terrain. Not only that, the trailer can get easily misaligned. In that case, the trailer tires will wear out fast.

There are quite a few reasons because of which trailer tires wear out so fast.

Should you cover RV tires in winter?
Cold temperature, as well as snow, can significantly impact RV tires. To ensure that the life of the RV tires increases, it is a good idea to cover RV tires in winter.

What PSI should I inflate my trailer tires?
You can inflate the trailer tires to anywhere between 50 PSI to 65 psi. However, rather than considering this is a definite number, you have to look at the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. Only then can you inflate it to accurate pressure.

Should trailer tires be filled to max?
It is not a good idea to fill that trailer tires to the max. The reason for the same is because the tires will not be able to carry the maximum load. Overloading can occur. Both these can significantly reduce the life of the tires.

Final thoughts:
Thus, when you’re looking for the best RV tires fifth wheel, these 5 options will fulfill all your requirements. You can also refer to the RV tire buying guide and answers to the RV tires FAQs highlighted above. Once you do so, choosing the best tires for your RV is easy.