4 Best Inflatable Canoe for Fishing – 2021|Buying Guide

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Many fishing enthusiasts are excited while fishing from the shore; however, they still haven’t reached the bottom line of the whole experience. If you are looking for a family canoe do check our post on it.


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Professional anglers will tell you that the thrilling fishing experience is going out into the depths. 

But how do you get into deep waters?

That is the most challenging part for most fishing lovers. To overcome the issue, Inflatable Canoes come into place, tailoring you to get into deep waters at ease.

Inflatable Canoes are awesome for fishing in deep lakes and calm rivers. Some individuals consider Inflatable canoes as an appealing necessity; however, there is more to that to a canoe.

Their excellent stability and curved shape offer anglers with the stealth they require to have their catch. They make it possible to get into the right fishing spot without scaring the fish when riding.

Basically, Inflatable Canoes are splendid options for anglers. They provide enough space for storing fishing gears and provide you with a transient home in the water.

With this in mind, not all the inflatable canoes you find in the market are ideal for fishing.

There are several of them in the market, making it challenging for many anglers to choose the best.

Lucky you, we are here to help you make an informed decision and assist you in finding a suitable inflatable canoe for your fishing needs.

Our comprehensive guide and best inflatable canoe for fishing review will tailor you to making a wise buying decision.

Best Inflatable Canoe for fishing Reviews:

Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable

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Manufactured by Intex, this is a versatile canoe utilized in a wide range of work. It is ideal for fishing, lake vacation, and much more. If you are considering buying an inflatable canoe, then have a look at this set. 

Many users love its two welded oar locks; however, others claim that its design is not appealing. The has two air chambers including, a Boston valve located on the hulling chamber, and an all-around grab line.

Another awesome thing about this is that it is constructed using super-tough vinyl material. Interestingly, its seats and floor are all inflatable.

If you are considering this option for your fishing needs, then you need not be worried about the security. It is absolutely US Coast Guard approved, and a hi-output manual pump is included.

Besides, many users have reviewed that its seats are comfortable than they expected. Other users have reviewed that this canoe is roomy; however, it can comfortably accommodate 1 person. The rest of the space can be used to carry your fishing gear and other accessories.

What’s more? Another interesting thing about this product is that it’s deflating, and inflating works extremely well, making it performs better in the water. Again, it is lightweight, easy to row it around the river; however, it is strong and does not consume a lot of space when deflated.


  • Two air chambers to allow you get back to the shore safely
  • All-around grab-line Welded oak locks
  • Boston valve for easy deflation/inflation
  • It is Vinyl constructed to enhance its durability
  • US Coast Guard approved


  • Some users have complained about the authenticity of the pump.

Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable

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Offered by Intex, this is a versatile inflatable canoe used from playing around at the tool to fishing. 

Besides, it includes an air pump, one kit bag(may vary), two seats, two paddles, one fin. It also contains three air chambers; one is the floor, and the other one is the actual boat. This implies that you can inflate the two chambers instead of inflating it whole.

This also implies that if either of the chambers popped, the other one would stay inflated, giving you ample time to land before you sink.

Interestingly, its lovely design attracts the users because it is undoubtedly comfortable to paddle in the water. The canoe measures 10’3″ X 3′ X 1’8″ inches and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Its floor is inflatable to enhance comfort.

It is recommended in oceans or whitewater rapids; however, it can stay afloat in rivers or lakes, even in rough conditions. The hull doesn’t get damaged even when grinding or hitting submerged stumps, but consecutively running into rocks can tear a hole into your canoe.

Basically, its hull is slim, making it portable to carry around. However, apart from the rocks, it can undoubtedly withstand anything.

This one comes with a good double-quick air pump. This implies that it can pump the air when pushed from either side.

The pump includes two parts; the rubber hose attached to the end of the pump and the pump itself. The pump is made of plastic, it is durable, and it’s about a foot long.

It is an excellent option for anyone looking forward to using it in airsoft. Besides fishing, it can as well be used to attack enemies and transport gears, etc.

It weighs 250 lbs hence ideal for one or two people, so be careful not to overload it.


  • A mini pump included
  • Three air chambers for safety purpose
  • Includes an adjustable inflatable seat with backrest
  • Heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl
  • Two paddles
  • High weight capacity


  • The way it holds the air is questionable

Intex Excursion Pro 2-Person Inflatable

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Manufactured by Intex, This is one of the best inflatable canoes for fishing. It is well-designed, comfortable, and awesome for both adults and children. The most exciting aspect of this canoe is its price and the two built-in fishing rod holders included; however, some have issues with its size.

Essentially, this features motor mount fittings, two fast-fill Boston valves, oar holders, and a grab handle on the bow.

Normally, the product includes two air chambers.

In general, many people love this product, particularly due to its performance, design, and stability. It should be your priority if you are going to spend much of the time in the water.

Interestingly, this canoe takes only a few minutes to inflate. It is also comfortable when used by two people; however, ensure that you don’t overload it. What’s more?

The product is one of the cheapest inflatable canoes you will find in the market. If you are on a budget, then this can be your perfect option. Another thing that makes this product worth your time is that it is well-packed, and you will receive it without any visible damage.


  • The canoe is lightweight, making it easy to carry around.
  • It is also constructed using durable plastic.
  • It includes two air chambers to enhance safety.
  • It includes two built-in fishing rod holders to hold your fishing rods.
  • The motor mount fittings simultaneously help to hold things down and enable movement.
  • Adjustable seats with backrest
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Removable seat booster


  • Some people also claim that it is challenging to paddle.
  • There is a myth that the fishing hook can pierce the material. However, if you are careful, that should not be troublesome.

Sevylor Ogden 2-Person​

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Having a traditional design, Sevylor Ogden 2-person is arguably one of the best options for fishing, fun, or exploring in water. The canoe is made of durable and lightweight material, making it easier to carry and store without compromising safety and stability. 

It comes with quality features that make it outstanding, including a hand pump, carry bag, 2 paddles, and a pressure gauge to offer you the best experience while in water.

It measures 123×33 with a carrying capacity of up to 355 lbs. With a rugged polyester cover and heavy-duty PVC construction, Sevylor Ogden 2 will work excellently provided that you can paddle, and this is much easier, thanks to its adjustable, elevated seats.

Essentially, its reliable bungee storage section allows you to store as many accessories and gears as possible.

Interestingly, the radio frequency included in the heavy-duty PVC allows this canoe to stand up to several seasons on the water.

For security reasons, this canoe is backed with several air chambers to assist you to get back to the shore when you hit a snag. Its deflation and inflation systems are made easy and do not necessarily require double-threaded Boston valves.

What’s more? Its paddles are made with durable plastic and corrosion-resistant aluminum shafts for efficient padding. The pump included in this canoe comes with a collection of valve nozzles to enhance the inflation of the canoe, tubes, and toys.


  • It is made of durable and lightweight materials, making it long-lasting and easy to carry around.
  • Its Boston valves ensure easier inflation and deflation.
  • Its multiple air chambers increase safety and assist you in landing to the shore safely.
  • Its reliable storage section ensures the safe storage of gears with Bungee.
  • Its elevated and adjustable seats allow you to sit higher for easier paddling.
  • Its polyester cover ensures sturdy protection from punctures.


  • The absence of skeg implies inferior long-distance tracking.
  • Despite the awesome design, the backrests are not adjustable.


Basically, these are some of the best inflatable canoes for fishing. However, if you are still confused on which type to purchase, we’ve compared the above products and found that Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable outsmart the rest. Why? It has ample space, it is easy to inflate and deflate, it has polyester out cover for additional protection, and above all, its seat is undoubtedly comfortable.

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The verdict

Choosing appropriate inflatable canoe for fishing depends on your preference. Before investing in any of them, always consider the weight capacity, performance, and portability. Don’t compromise on the quality either, particularly in the construction part. Remember that all the inflatable canoes featured here offer top-notch performance and durability.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Canoe:

Before you decide to buy an inflatable canoe, there are a few aspects that need to be taken into consideration:

–  Consider your budget

–  Experience

–  Your fishing location

–  The type of fishing you want to engage in

Without further ado, let’s have a close look at inflatable canoe itself.

1-Construction materials

Materials used to make inflatable canoes are equally important as the canoe itself.

Basically, there are three popular fabrics used to make inflatable canoes. These are; PVC, Nitrylon, and Hypalon. These materials determine the safety and durability of this gadget.

Each material comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

As a compromise, the manufacturers are currently blending these materials to come up with optimum longevity, strength, and performance.

–  PVC

Being the first ones utilized in the manufacture of consumer-grade inflatable, PVC combinations have greatly improved with the adoption of the new technology. PVC is arguably one of the most economical materials used in this application.

Its pros are that it is available in the tear resistance choice. In addition, it is UV resistant, meaning that one can use it in the outdoor environment consistently. With these unique properties, PVC material is one of the popularly used materials for inflatable canoes and kayaks.

–  Nitrylon

Being stronger than PVC, Nitrylon is a material variant of synthetic rubber.

It is easy to patch and performs well in cold climates. Inflatable canoes constructed from Nitrylon are undoubtedly eco-friendlier than PVC, are more resistant to wear and tear; however, they are likely 10 to 15 percent heavier than the one made of PVC.

–  Hypalon

Hypalon is a highly dependable material used for inflatable boat construction.

The military and the U.S coast have also utilized it for decades.

When blended with the interior coating of neoprene, it provides the reliability, durability, and puncture resistance ideal to work best at the highest level on the water.

Basically, the inflatable boats constructed with Hypalon are mostly expensive; however, they are abrasion-resistant, durable than the other options, offer enhanced safety and performance.

These are the three materials used to make inflatable canoes. You should choose the one made of materials that best fit your needs.

  1. Carrying capacity

Inflatable Canoe comes in various sizes. You can select between solo canoe, two-person canoe, and three-person canoe.

Nowadays, there are some canoes available which can carry more than three people and still secure a space for your pet as well. This means that if you are a pet lover, you can enjoy the company of your pet while still on your outdoor excursion.

The determining aspect here will depend on whether you normally use canoe alone or whether you go out fishing with your buddies. Basically, depending on your needs, you can select your canoe with appropriate capacity.

  1. Equipment or gears included

There are some accessories required to use the inflatable canoe effectively. These gears include: – Life jacket

– Fill gauge

– Bungee cord

– Inflation pump

– Paddle

If you consider purchasing them separately, you should get ready to spend more money. Basically, these gears are critical, and without them, it would be challenging to use the canoe to the fullest.

Lacking any of these accessories means that you’ll not be competent to use it. On the other hand, if you purchase a canoe with all the right equipment, it will be easy for you to use it to the maximum.

Furthermore, many inflatable canoes include a carrying case. This implies that you not only get the gears, but it will also be easier to carry them around.

When it is possible to carry the whole kit in a portable bag, then traveling wherever you want will be easier. Therefore, you should consider the type and number of accessories included in the canoe.

  1. The type of inflatable canoe

Selecting the right type is not that easy. There are various options available in the market and making a quick decision may make you regret later on.

When looking forward to purchasing an inflatable canoe, it is fundamental to have a look at the types available in the market and the right for your area. You can research online, check reviews, and compare the options. Some of the options to choose from are:

–  Raised seat canoe

The common perception amidst paddlers when purchasing an inflatable canoe is that you should select the one that you’ll kneel on the floor. Nonetheless, this is not the only option. Others give you an appropriate seating space.

–  Floor kneeling

Floor kneeling type is a popular canoe. You’ll have to kneel while paddling it. The benefit of using this one is that it is relatively lightweight. For this reason, maneuvering and paddling around is easy.

When selecting any type of canoe, it is critical to consider these two options. You need to choose the one with a position that makes you more comfortable.

Once you are certain on that, look for a model in that category.

Why choose inflatable canoe?

Inflatable canoe offers several benefits than its solid counterpart. Indeed, it is relatively cheaper, and its abrasion-resistance ability will leave you surprised. The inflatable canoe is portable and guarantees durability.

Yes, it is light enough to be carried by almost anyone. Another thing is that it can be stored in a shelf or closet. They can be reduced to the duffel bag size, making them small to store anywhere.

Besides, inflatable canoes are versatile. Despite been used for fishing, they can as well be used for other things like white water rafting or touring. Also, these canoes are easy to maintain. They are resistant to dings and scratches.