Finding the Best Grommet Surfboard|Buying Guide 2019

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There are all sorts of surfboards out there, but not every surfboard will suit every rider. Younger riders who are still developing their skills are often better off with surfboards that are easier to ride. If you are looking for small waves surfboard or for river surfing check the post here and here.

Surfing is a great way to get exercise and get your daily adrenaline rush, but it should also be fun, and you’re more likely to have a positive experience if you have the best grommet surfboard. If you are an older surfer looking for the top surfboards, look no further and read this post.

Best grommet surfboardHow to Choose Your Surfboard

When you are buying a surfboard, there are many different considerations that you want to make. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need to be as worried about quality, but you still want a decent board that’s going to help you get better at the sport. Among the many things to consider, you should remember all of the following.

1. What Is Your Skill Level?

Buying a board based on your skill level can help you save money. If you’re new to the sport, you don’t have to make a huge investment in a board. Rather, you can buy something that’s relatively affordable that’s also going to provide a positive riding experience.

However, boards come in different shapes and sizes, and younger riders can benefit from having a board that is long with a lot of volume.

2. Consider Length and Volume

In general, length and volume make surfboards easier to ride, and when you are younger, that’s exactly what you want.

Remember that volume equals to length x width x height, and you can find volume calculation charts that tell you what your board volume should be based on your height and weight. Generally, the bigger you are, the more volume your board should have, so younger individuals won’t require as much.

3. How Durable Is the Board?

Board durability is extremely important, and the best grommet surfboard will be durable without being too rigid. While you don’t want to spend too much money on your first board, you also don’t want to buy something that will break after the first harsh crash.


A board’s durability will also affect its performance. Durable boards will retain their flexibility and spring, for example. You also want your board to be able to stand up against dings and collisions with rocks or the ocean floor.

4. What Is Your Surfing Style?

You also want to consider your surfing style. Are you somebody that enjoys going fast, or are you somebody that likes to move around a lot?

Different boards will offer different experiences. For example, a board with a curvy outline won’t be able to maneuver as well, but it will have excellent drive. Alternatively, a straight outline will give you plenty of drive, but it won’t allow you to maneuver as well, so it all depends on how you want to surf for most of your time.  

1. 8’8 Heritage Beginner Foam Surfboard by South Bay Board Co.

This South Bay surfboard is greater for young riders and those with little experience in surfing. It has great length and excellent volume, making it easy to ride and maneuver.

Unlike many other boards, this is also a foam board, and soft boards definitely have their advantages. For one, they’re more affordable. Foam boards are obviously softer, so if you crash into it, it won’t be as painful. It’s also buoyant and easy to paddle, so you won’t struggle to get it out on the water, nor will you struggle to keep it afloat.

This board is great for riders who are in between 100 and 230 pounds, so it’s a versatile board that suits a lot of different riders.


  • Soft and beginner friendly

  • Large board with great volume helps beginners

  • Great stability

  • Durable while being lightweight


  • Could feel too long for certain younger riders

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2. Giantex Surfboard Foamie Board

The Giantex is another foam board that’s a little bit shorter than the South Bay Board. You could also buy this board in several different colors, so it’s great if you like designs and colors. It has a weight capacity of 200 lbs., so it’s great for younger, smaller riders, and it’s not so short that it will be difficult to ride.

It’s arguably the perfect grommet board, especially for those kids who haven’t surfed before, and it’s not so expensive that it would be a bad investment.


  • Ideal for younger individuals

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Excellent price

  • Lightweight and easy to carry and paddle


  • Larger individuals may have issues with the length

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3. Wavestorm 8’ Surfboard with a Brushed Graphic

The Wavestorm is an 8-foot board that’s another great option for younger riders. Again, the weight limit is 200 lbs., so it’s ideal for those who are younger. Wavestorm is also a great company that you can trust to make a great board, and with 86 liters in volume, you’ll be able to surf and stay afloat without as much effort.


  • Great volume

  • Very durable with a long-lasting graphic

  • Has a textured grip for foot stability

  • Soft and forgiving


Some may not like the brushed graphic

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4. Surftech 8’ Soft Top Surfboard

The Surftech is another great beginner board for kids and young adults, and with a weight capacity of 180 lbs., it’s ideal for smaller individuals. Like the Wavestorm, it has a volume of 86 liters, so you have plenty of room and excellent mobility.

You can easily take the board out on small waves, and you can use it until you’ve advanced far enough to warrant a more expensive board.


  • Excellent volume, which means it’s buoyant and stable

  • Soft top

  • Easy to paddle


  • Some may not like the yellow color

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Final Verdict

The best grommet surfboard will be different for everybody, and it sort of depends on your skill level. Some of the younger kids may have years of experience behind them, but regardless, a board with volume and length is going to be extremely helpful.

Overall, the Surftech surfboard is great for younger riders who are also small in size. It has plenty of length and volume, and it will be easy to take out on the water, which is especially valuable when you are still learning.