Getting the Best Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit 2021

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If you are a surfer, professional or not, you should already be aware that it is mandatory to repair your surfboard if at all you want to extend its lifetime and continue enjoying its benefits on the beach.

This is why you need the best epoxy repair surfboard kits in the market. With these kits, you will be able to keep your surfboard safe from a number of destructive elements like sand, humidity, salt, and even water.

These will make sure that your surfboard doesn’t have elongated cracks and a huge number of dings rendering it useless.

How to Choose the Best Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kits

It can be quite a challenge to select the the repair kits if at all you have never had a ding before. Worry not, with time you will get acquainted with all types of surfboard repair kits and as days go by you will be able to single-handedly pick out a repair kit that can best do the job. Below are some of the factors worth considering when making your selection.

1. The type of surfboard you are repairing

You need to know the type of material your board is made of. It can be an epoxy surfboard or a polyester surfboard. This is a very important factor because you might end up picking a repair kit that is not meant for your surfboard and it might end up proving a problem.

2. Your budget

Complete surfboard repair kits can be quite expensive. This means that you have to know which kit best suits your budget. You can always find some kits that are not complete at a much fair price.

This will minimize the amount of money you will spend overall although you will have to purchase the missing equipment later on.

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1. Ding all Epoxy Super Surfboard Repair Kit

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This is one remarkable epoxy repair surfboard kit in the market. It comes with a number of products that you will find very useful when it comes to making different repairs.

It is known to easily and efficiently fill cracks on the surfboard without producing fumes which tend to be problematic. It ensures that it provides a tough lamination that will completely cover the crack leaving your surfboard as good as new.

The components are also known to dry quickly when exposed to the sun and so it will take you quite a short time when repairing your surfboard. Some of the products you get include a tube of epoxy solarez, a hardener, a filler, and a cloth. The epoxy solarez does sun cure while the hardener does not. Epoxy super surfboard repair kit is everything you need to maintain the cracks and dings on your board.

It has reduced fumes.
It is cheap to purchase.
The solarez takes a shorter time to dry.

Requires sunlight to work perfectly.
It is not easily portable.

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2. Ding All Super Repair Kit OS

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This is a kit that is designed to solve all your surfboard repair problems. It comes with quite a number of inclusions that you will find to be remarkable throughout your repair session.

It provides you with a safe and secure method to fix small cracks and a number of dings on your surfboard. This kit comes with a resin as well as a hardener that is portable. You will also get a cloth meant for fiberglass.

To give you a super easy time repairing your board, they have provided you with cups where you will do your mixing and also double cover sheets. For your epoxy boards, there are some sun cure that will get the job done perfectly. This kit alone can help you repair quite a huge part of your surfboard.

There is a special Q-cell filer to seal any cracks you want to be filled. You will, however, be required to separately purchase other products like masking tape. Make sure that you clean well with acetone after completing your repairs. This will give you an easy time washing off the dirt.

The whole kit is portable.
You get some good quantity of sun-cure.
It dries quickly.

You will have to spend more on the missing items.

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3. Solarez UV Cure Epoxy Ding Resin

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This is one of the best resin there is. It has been produced to help you make a number of repairs on either your polyester or epoxy surfboards. The whole resin comes in a small 2 Oz tubing with a seal that holds it securely in place.

The size of the tube makes Solarez UV cure epoxy Ding resin very portable, and so it is a good idea to carry it with you whenever you take your board. This is a kit that provides you with a perfect solution for your UV curing needs.

This resin is known to remove all sort of dings. Simply apply it on the dinged area and let it dry under the sun. It is known for its ability to perfectly take care of a ding without any problem. It is not affected by water.

When using it, you will also not require a face mask since the sun-cure is eco-friendly and so nontoxic even when breathed in. With Solarez UV cure epoxy Ding resin you can fix your surfboard dings whenever you want, wherever you want.

It is powerful.
It is portable.
The resin dry fast.
It comes with sandpaper.

You can only make use of it when there is sunlight.

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4. Phix Doctor SunPowered Dura resin

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This is among the best epoxy repair surfboard kits there is in the market. It has been specifically designed to enable you to perfectly take care of your dings. The package comes with dura resin, cloth and mixing tools. It also has sun-cure which is known to be a very good repair component for epoxy surfboard.

Despite being labeled to only repair two types of boards which are the polyester surfboards and epoxy surfboards, Dura has proven to be very useful when it comes to repairing Fiberglas surfboards. The kit is also very portable, and so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

It is cheap.
Comes with mixing sticks.
It is very portable.
It is easy to use.

Requires sunlight to dry.

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5. Phix Doctor 2:1 Epoxy Repair Kit

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This inexpensive surfboard repair kit is incredible, and it is known to repair dings on quite a number of boards including polyurethane, Styrofoam as well as epoxy surfboards.

This is because it comes with a great resin and quite a number of products incredible for solving these problems. The resin is bio-content, and so you don’t have to worry about getting a mask when using it.

Some of the things that comes with the kit include gloves to keep you from dirtying your hands. There are mixing cups for holding the contents and some mixing sticks that you will find incredible when making the paste.

One evident thing is that for only a couple of dollars, you will be able to fix your surfboard perfectly and even prevent the dings from causing cracks later on. You are advised to use solvent-free glue such as gorilla glue when repairing dings on a soft top sup.

It is cheap.
It comes with a number of inclusions.
It can repair a good number of surfboard types.
The resin is bio content.

Cannot be used on a soft top sup without a solvent.

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6. Solarez Pro Repair Kit

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If you are looking for a repair kit that would enable you to achieve professional repairs on your board, then try the Solarez pro repair kit. The kit comes with so many products that are very useful. With this kit, you will not have to purchase additional equipment since it has all of them nicely included.

You will not only get the components that are used to make the paste that will enable you to repair dings and cracks but also some of the most remarkable equipment that you will find very useful. These include the scissors, masking tape, mixing cups, razor blade, clean up pads as well as fiberglass rope.

Despite having so many components which are important when it comes to repairing your board, the package is small, and so it can be easily portable. You will end up with some well-fixed dings and cracks on your board. If you want to make it even more useful when repairing your epoxy board, purchase the Solarez epoxy rasin.

Comes with a huge number of products.
It is easily portable.
It is inexpensive.
Comes with all the mixing components.
The resin dries fast.

For epoxy boards, you will have to add some equipment.

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The above is a list of some of the best epoxy repair surfboard kits that will ensure you keep your board in shape and free of cracks throughout.

The kit is everything you need to remove dings so that you don’t end up ruining your surfboard. Some kits come with everything while others lack some things. It is thus up to you to make sure you get the best kit that suits you.