5 Best Dry Bags for Canoeing 2021- Ultimate Guide

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Canoeing is one of the most exciting outdoor activities; however, it can be a stressful adventure due to unpredictable weather.

That said, you need to have a light bag that can accommodate your gear and keep them protected from water or rain. This post will help you find the best dry bags for Canoeing.

Gone are the days when it was difficult to maneuver in the water while keeping your items dry.

Today, due to invention, waterproof dry bags have been designed to help keep all your accessories dry while paddling in the water body. So what are the right dry bags for canoeing, and how do you choose the right bag?

Basically, there are several lightweight and affordable bags in the market tailored to protect your valuable items during canoeing, camping, kayaking, or hiking in the rain. You only need to invest in the right model.

To assist you in making an informed buying decision, here are some aspects you need to consider while selecting the best option.

5 Best Dry Bags for Canoeing Rundown:

Earth Pak – Waterproof Dry Bag

Designed by Earth Park, this dry bag is one of the distinguishable brands currently doing well in the market. It comes in various sizes ranging from 10 to 40 liters; hence you can select a size that fits your needs.

The bag has a cylindrical shape that is developed with PVC 500 denier, offering it an exterior waterproof function.

The good thing with this option is that it is tailored to keep your items dry in case the bag falls overboard.

The small bag option, i.e., 10 and 20 liters, possess a single strap. Other large models possess backpack straps designed to carry heavy items. For canoeing, a 20-liter option might be a perfect option for you. Interestingly, this option boasts of a waterproof phone case specifically to protect your cell phone.


  • It is a versatile dry bag, hence safe to a raft, canoe, or kayak.
  • It comes in a wide range of sizes and color to choose from
  • It comes with extra straps for bigger options to enhance the comfort
  • It is affordable
  • It is durable
  • Great product for the value


  • To maintain waterproof capability, it needs a strong roll and seal
  • If the bag is not properly utilized, the material can tear on rocks

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry bag

A product by MARCHWAY, this is an awesome dry bag designed for kayaking, surfing, boating, canoeing, and SUP. It is a light model that will help you store your items without hurting your wallet.

The good thing with this model is that it is a product made from thick and sturdy tarpaulin 500D, making it strong enough to resist abrasion, tearing, and punctures. Furthermore, it comes with distinct colors and sizes to choose from.

Additionally, its closure works perfectly to develop a double and watertight seal. This dry bag is tailored to float on water, provided that there is little air on it.

Despite this bag designed to prevent seepage of water inside, it doesn’t prevent water when fully submerged. Overall, it comes in an awesome midsize; 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40 liters to help meet your storage needs.


  • It is a compact design that is lightweight and durable
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • Waterproof assurance
  • It comes in various midsize that are perfect to meet your needs
  • It is a versatile option, implying that you can utilize it for kayaking canoeing, sailing, surfing, or enjoying the beach.
  • Great product for the value


  • It doesn’t guarantee water seepage when fully submerged in water

Unigear Dry Bag waterproof

Unigear dry bag is an option that boasts of extensive shoulder padding. Arguably, it is secure and comfortable when used as a backpack option.

The good thing with this model is that despite a lot of PVC bags being susceptible to abrasions and punctures, Unigear dry bag is designed from sturdy nylon material, providing greater security when it comes to branches and sharp rocks.


  • It has adjustable shoulder straps to enhance comfort.
  • It comes with a bright blue color; hence are easy to spot
  • It comes with a cell phone case to offer maximum protection to your phone.
  • Its roll-down design helps to provide a burst resistance when filled with air.


  • Only large model possess shoulder straps
  • Prolonged and fully submersion in water can allow water seepage, although it is a common issue with any bag.

Adventure Lion Premium Waterproof

Just as its name suggests, this dry bag from Adventure Lion is one of the best waterproof and toughest dry bags currently doing well in the market.

Designed from a waterproof polymer, it is an option that will make you feel secure while paddling. Included is the roll-close top that is actually used to reinforce protection.

This dry bag is available in 4 distinct sizes ranging from 10 to 40 liters. The small options only possess a single strap while the large options possess two for backpacking.

Additionally, the larger sizes boast of the hand-carry strap, making it easy for access and navigation. Surprisingly, despite the awesome features, all the bags from Adventure Lion comes with a lifetime warranty, and this makes them a great investment worth considering.


  • It is a waterproof option
  • It comes with distinct sizes to choose from
  • The right dry bag (20liter) offers maximum convenience
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great product for the value
  • It is durable
  • Great construction


  • Double straps are only available in a large bag option

Sea to Summit Event Compression

Being one of the sturdiest options in the market, this bag from Sea to Summit is designed to keep your accessories dry while still compressing them with its strong and easy to utilize compression sack.

A great feature of this option is the event feature, which technically enables air passage to the vent via the base. It also protects against water seepage. Just like on other models, you roll the top when closing it.

Notwithstanding, it utilizes four straps to have the bag compressed, which helps to provide more protection.

Despite having no carry strap, it can be compressed to a relatively small bag, which can be tied or mounted to backpack easily and comfortably.

Being one of the best options among kayaking and canoeing lovers, you can be guaranteed that this option is a solid choice.


  • It is highly durable
  • It is a waterproof model
  • It is a versatile option
  • Easily compressed
  • Great dry bag for the value
  • High-quality dry bag
  • It is lightweight


  • Issues with air valves

Verdict and recommendation:

When looking for the best dry bags for canoeing, it can be challenging to distinguish the best because most of them look great.

The sole distinction is the design, used materials, how it seals and locks, straps, etc. Thus, selecting the right one is basically a matter of personal needs or taste. For anyone on a budget, it is critical to consider the likes of Earth Pak – Waterproof Dry Bag. Despite being an affordable option, it is a top-notch bag that will perfectly keep your items dry while paddling.

How to choose the best dry bag for canoeing

  • Material

If your canoeing adventure is basically in rivers or lakes with rocky shores with few sandy beaches, consider buying a bag with a tough exterior.

Normally, dry bags are made of polyester, nylon, or vinyl. The nylon made options are arguably versatile and durable.

The good thing with nylon bags is that they possess waterproof coasting, and the fiber amount utilized shows the bag is tough. When considering nylon made bags, then check for a fiber indicator followed by a letter “D.”

Vinyl dry bags are basically utilized to accommodate small personal gears and are arguably less tough than their nylon counterparts. PVC dry bags are the toughest and most durable; regrettably, a PVC material is heavy compared to nylon; thus, it is not the right option if you are considering buying a lightweight bag.

  • Size

Technically, dry bags come in distinct sizes, from super small bags to massive bags; therefore, you should select the type that will accommodate all your gears comfortably.

A typical dry bag for a whole day canoeing adventure should be at least 20 liters. This is a standard size that should be considered when selecting the right dry bag.

  • Straps

Basically, when canoeing, you require a bag with straps; do you know why? Well, the importance of having a bag with straps is to enhance your comfort while paddling.

Simply put, it will help you paddle hands-free without the need to hold the bag with your hands. Depending on your preference, there are bags out there with shoulder straps, while others have back straps.

Some dry bags have padded straps designed to offer comfort while carrying heavy items.

  • Waterproof

There should be no worry while storing your sensitive items like phone, laptop, or other electronics in your bag. Ensure that the bag you select guarantees that your items won’t get wet whatsoever.

Several affordable bags work wonders when keeping your items dry; however, you’ll need to research well to land into a top-notch product.

You’ll need to be careful because some bags are advertised as dry bags but are only splash-proof. Let’s have a look at the best selling dry bags currently in the market.