Best Canoe Trips : Finding the ultimate places

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Where To Find The Best Canoe Trips In Florida

Best Canoe for Hunting and Fishing

There are plenty of things to do in the state of Florida. It’s a frequent tourist destination for a reason. If you’re trying to find some of the best canoe trips in Florida, any one of these options deserves a closer look.

Suwannee River Wilderness Trail

This area is home to five different river camps: Dowling Park, Woods Ferry, Peacock Slough, Adams Tract, and Holton Creek. There is free camping at every one of these locations, and all of these campsites include a number of amenities. If you’re planning a longer canoe trip, this is definitely an option that you’ll want to consider.

This trail is lengthy, and it can be accessed via both canoe and kayak. This is a popular spot, and it’s well suited to people at all skill levels. Even people that have never taken a canoe trip before should be able to have a good time on this canoe trail. However, because the waters here aren’t that intense, you can expect to get a real workout when you’re on the water.

Mound Key

In many cases, you’re not going to be traveling towards a specific destination when you take a canoe trip. However, that will be different if you decide that you want to explore Mound Key. During this trip, you’ll paddle your boat through Estero Bay to reach an ancient island.

There are a number of routes that will allow you to reach this island, which means you’ll have a lot of control over your trip. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll want to take your time to explore the island. There are a lot of sights to see here.

Kings Landing

Not all of the canoe trips in Florida require an overnight stay. If you have other plans, and you’re looking for a shorter trip, Kings Landing is one of your best options. Located in Apopka, this 8-mile canoe trail will allow you to have fun on the water before heading back to your campsite or hotel.

One of the biggest advantages of taking a canoe trip here is that you’ll be able to see all kinds of wildlife when you’re in the water. There are plenty of birds here, and you might wind up spotting some other creatures as well. If you have room, you might want to bring a camera with you when you enter the canoe!

Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost and Resort

This is a long canoe trail that offers multiple routes. Depending on the path you take, there are between 18 and 31 miles worth of trail that you can explore by canoe. As the name implies, you’ll be able to do more than paddle when you visit this outpost. You’ll also be able to get lodgings at the end of the day.

You’ll have a number of options when you explore the waters here. You can enlist a guide that will help you, or you can rely on a map. Either way, you can expect to have a thrilling experience. When you go on a canoe trip here, you’ll feel like you’re an explorer from the distant past.

Arbuckle Creek

If you’re looking for a scenic canoe trip, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than Arbuckle Creek. Located near Avon Park, these waters are surrounded by a cypress forest. When you look at the sights around you, you’ll feel like you paddled your way into a painting.

A canoe trip here will take you about four hours, which means that camping out overnight won’t be essential. Of course, if you do decide to stay the night, you’ll find plenty of camping in the area. There are plenty of hiking spots around the waters as well!

Shell Creek

These waters are located about five miles away from the Punta Gorda. If you’re in this area, and you’re looking for one of Florida’s best canoe trips, this is absolutely a location that you’ll want to check out.

There are 13 miles of water here, which makes this location an excellent choice for long canoe trips. While these waters are well-suited to canoeing, they are also a great spot for fishermen. In fact, you might see a few people fishing here while you’re paddling.

Coldwater Creek

If you’re familiar with Adventures Unlimited, you know that this outfitter is strongly associated with excitement. If you want to have an adventure in your canoe, this is where you’ll want to come.

Before you leave, you’ll receive assistance so that you can properly load up your canoe and set out on the water. From there, you’ll be on your own. There are plenty of spaces for you to stop along the way, include white-sand beaches that are perfect for relaxing.

While this is definitely an adventurous excursion, it’s still suitable for families as long as everyone in the canoe knows how to swim. Since the waters here are fairly fast-flowing, it’s also a good option for people that want to limit the amount of paddling that they do.

Imperial River

If you’re a big fan of manatees, you may be able to see them if you take your canoe out on this river! It’s not at all uncommon to see manatees in these calm waters. Since the waters here are very still, it will be easy for you to steer your way around any manatees that you spot so that you can get a better look at him.

This is another area that is surrounded by beautiful trees. The landscape is especially lovely on the eastern side of the river. These waters are easy to navigate, and this is a safe option for people that are new to canoeing.

If you’re looking for some of the best canoe trips in Florida, any one of these options is worth considering. Florida is surrounded by water, and there are many great canoeing spots within the state as well. No matter what part of Florida you’re planning on visiting, you should be able to find the right destination for your canoe trip.

9 Of The Best Canoe Trips In Texas

The state of Texas is huge and there are many things you can do there, including canoeing. In fact, the state is one of the top places to go for a canoe trip. With so many lakes, rivers, ponds and waterways, you’ll love all of the choices you have. With that said, below are nine of the best canoe trips in Texas.

  • Lady Bird Lake
    Lady Bird Lake is one of the best places to take a canoe trip, and it is located right in the middle of Austin. This is for those who want to take a leisurely trip along shorelines that offer impressive views of Austin. This canoe trip is perfect for all skill levels.

After you have done a bit of canoeing in Lady Bird Lake, you can explore the city of Austin. With so many attractions, you will not get bored. This includes the many parks located throughout the city, as well as the Capitol building.

  • The Rio Grande
    The Rio Grande is located in Big Bend National Park, which is reason enough to go on a canoe trip there. You can go camping there and make a weekend out of your canoe trip. There are several reasons why you should go canoeing in the Rio Grande, with one of them being it offers some of the most gorgeous views you’ll witness.

Also, the Rio Grande is home to impressive scenery such as mountains and canyons. Beginners should use a guide because there are quite a few parts of the Rio Grande that are challenging. After all, it is home to a rapid that has been given the classification IV, which is for strong paddlers only.

  • Buffalo Bayou
    Buffalo Bayou is in Houston, which in itself a place where you can easily spend a few weeks in. In fact, you should stay a good week in Houston, that way you can enjoy doing canoeing in Buffalo Bayou and then take in the nearby attractions. Trust us when we say you will have no shortage of things to do in Houston.

As for why Buffalo Bayou is among the best places for canoeing, for starters it is 26 miles long. You can easily spend a few hours there. Additionally, the currents are typically smooth, making it perfect for beginners and novices alike.

  • Brazos River
    Brazos River is one of the top 12 longest rivers in the United States. As you can imagine, there are a lot of great opportunities for adventure there. This includes canoeing.

If you go to Brazos River and you’re new to canoeing, then considering going on a mild day. This is because the river can get aggressive during storms or when the dam releases water. However, if you’re highly skilled when it comes to canoeing, then by all means go out when the rapids are in force.

  • South Llano
    South Llano is in San Antonio, and it is easily one of the best canoe trips you can take in Texas. It is located right in South Llano State Park and it offers gentle currents, as well as several quiet pools. The river is around seven miles long, so it’s not the longest in the state. However, you will have a blast going up and down it.
  • Lake Miller
    Over in Chambers County is where you’ll find Lake Miller. Lake Miller is good for beginners, novices and experts. Besides that, Lake Miller is set in a very scenic area. If you love nature and greenery, then there’s no better place than Lake Miller.

As for why you should do a canoe trip here, there are many. Besides scenery, you will love traveling along Trinity River before getting through Lake Pass. When you reach that point, you will finish your trip at Lake Miller. You will come across many kinds of currents.

  • Guadalupe River
    Guadalupe River has long been a popular canoe spot and it has everything from Class III rapids to more mild currents to very calm waters. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, you will find a suitable spot to canoe at Guadalupe River. One of the best things about the river is there are several spots to access it, so have a look around to see what the currents are like and then choose the spot you think you can handle.

Here’s a tip, go to the southern part of the river. In our opinion, this is where the most scenic part of the area is. However, you can’t go wrong regardless of the area you decide to go to.

  • Neches River
    This river starts in Van Zandt County and it stretches for over 400 miles. If you want to do some serious canoeing and spend hours upon hours on the water or make a whole week of canoeing, then look no further than taking a trip to Neches River. With so many things to do along the river, you will not get bored.

Furthermore, the Neches River is where you want to go if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet. It is packed with solitude. Here’s another tip, bring your camera and a pair of binoculars because you’re bound to spot birds, alligators and other types of reptiles. You’ll also have the chance to view other wildlife.

  • San Marcos River
    The last on our list is San Macros River, which tends to attract a younger, college-like crowd. However, many other adventure seekers still go there. This includes those who are fans of canoeing.

One of the best things about the San Macros River is that there is plenty of greenery in the area and the water is typically calm. There are days when the water can be quite rough. This means if you’re after serious adventure, then you should go canoeing after a good storm, but only if it’s completely safe and if you’re highly skilled.

Those are our top picks for the best canoe trips in Texas. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Now simply choose the trip that interests you the most and before you know it, you’ll be having the time of your life canoeing.