Top 5 Best Canoe Trailers 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Transporting your canoe from its storage dock to the water and back again can be a lot of work, especially when you don’t have the right tools to do the work.How Do You Properly Secure Gear in a Canoe

Racking your canoe on the roof or back of your car or truck and taking it off can be a lot of work, especially if you are on your own, and this is where the best canoe trailer comes into play.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of trailers for canoes in the market, and it can be hard to pick the right one. Fortunately, we have done most of the work for you and compiled the best canoe trailers for you.

Before we review the best ones for your needs, let’s first discuss the things you need to keep in mind when buying the first canoe trailer.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Canoe Trailer

Before purchasing a canoe trailer, you should keep the following four things in mind;

  1. Storage

Before purchasing a trailer, you need to consider where you will be storing it when you are not using it. Some trailers have parts that can be folded, thereby allowing you to store them in small spaces.

It is good to measure the area you intend to store your trailer before purchasing it to ensure it doesn’t exceed the dimensions of your designated area.

  1. Build material

Many canoe trailers are made of durable material, such as steel. If you get one made of steel, you can rest assured that it is strong and durable and thus will serve you for a long time. For extra protection, go for those with a galvanized coating to have an extra level of protection against rust and corrosion. Such trailers are great for salty environments.

  1. Lightweight and maneuverability

Another important feature of a canoe trailer to consider is the ease of movement. The best canoe trailer should be able to be moved easily by hand, even if it is fully loaded. This is made possible by having a trailer with a lightweight frame and flexible wheels.

Some come with suspension systems to make it easier for you to move the trailer smoothly over bumpy roads. If you are in an area with tougher terrains, then you need a trailer with a suspension system to prevent it from bouncing a lot.

  1. Tongue length

This is the distance between the axle and hitch. It is an important factor as it is what determines the length of canoe you can carry and how easy it will be easy to tow.

The longer the tongue length, the more chance you will be able to carry a relatively longer canoe. A longer tongue length mans that you can easily travel straight when you are moving backward.

Other factors to consider;

  • Wheel size
  • Accessories such as racks

With this knowledge in mind, we can now review the best canoe trailer models in the market. Here are the 5 top-rated models;

Best Canoe Trailers Rundown:

  1. Malone MicroSport Trailer for Canoe and Kayaks

This trailer from Malone is one of the best choices for people who have trucks and cars that can handle heavy trailers. This is because it is made of galvanized steel that is quite heavy. However, this is the only downside we can highlight with this trailer. Overall, it is the best canoe trailer in its price range.

This trailer can handle multiple canoes, which makes it great for a group of friends or families that go on canoeing trips together. It can handle canoes of up to 20ft long. What’s more, it has a maximum capacity of 800 pounds. Since it is made of galvanized steel, you can rest assured that it will not corrode or rust easily even when used in a saltwater region.

Another feature worth mentioning is that it comes with 60-inches cross rails made of aluminum. The cross rails offer added support for this trailer, thereby making it durable and stable.

It is also worth mentioning that this trailer can carry bikes as well, which makes it versatile. In addition, it has a 54-inch axle that has sealed hubs as well as 12-inch slotted wheels that keeps the trailer stable.

Unlike most canoe trailers, assembling this trailer from Malone is very easy. This tool comes with a user manual that has easy-to-follow instructions. The assembling process will not take more than 3 hours.


  • It is easy to use and maneuver
  • The trailer is stable
  • The galvanized steel frame makes it durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Has a high weight limit as it can carry up to 800 pounds
  • Can carry multiple canoes
  • Assembling it is easy


  • It needs a bigger storage area
  • It is quite heavy
  1. Ruff-Sport Trailer by RIGHT-ON TRAILER

The Right-On Trailer is another great choice for people looking for durable trailers thanks to its galvanized steel frame and superior make.

This is an attractive option, thanks to its silver steel that is fully galvanized. At just under 200 lbs., you can tow this trailer easily without hassle. However, do not let this lightweight nature fool you that this trailer cannot handle multiple canoes. It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 400 lbs.

The galvanized steel frame makes this trailer great for people who are in areas with saltwater, as it helps to prevent resistance. The trailer is compact enough to carry multiple canoes with ease. You can pull it behind hybrid large cars and SUVs.

Customers who have purchased this trailer claimed that it feels smooth when towing canoes, with many saying they couldn’t even notice it behind their car. In fact, many people praised its build quality and structure.


  • It has a galvanized finish that ensures it doesn’t corrode when it comes into contact with salty water
  • It can carry multiple canoes
  • Features good quality frame that makes it durable
  • It is easy to load


  • It is lightweight, and thus can be problematic when you hit a bump
  • It can be problematic if you want to carry an overly lengthy canoe
  1. Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor

If you do not have enough space to store a canoe trailer, then you can consider an anchor that is compact and easy to store, and Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor ticks all the right boxes.

Weighing only 3.5lbs. and coming in 4-fluke design, this anchor folds to a portable 12 inches by 3 inches size to help you carry and store it safely in a padded bag that comes with it. The bag ensures your canoe or kayak doesn’t get scratched by the anchor when it is not in use.

It comes with 25ft marine-grade rope, stainless steel snap hook, as well as a PVC flotation buoy. What’s more, this aluminum anchor is designed to last, thanks to its quality components and rust-resistant features.

The anchor will hold your canoe and keep it in place no matter the terrain you are traveling on. It has an amazing grip and power. What’s more, the anchor is easy to use; you just pull its hooks out and anchor your kayak.


  • It is rust and corrosion resistant
  • Works great on different types of surfaces
  • It has a compact design and packs down to 12 inches by 3 inches size
  • Has flotation buoy for easy removal
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • Has a relatively shorter rope
  • Although the anchor is coated, it doesn’t fare well in saltwater conditions
  1. Malone MicroSport XT Trailer

Another option we found was Malone MicroSport XT Trailer. It has notable features and is downright impressive thanks to its ergonomics. With a retractable tongue kit, you can store it easily. This kit allows you to store your canoe or kayak in an upright position, which is a great thing for people with limited storage area.

Another notable feature of this trailer by Malone is that it comes pre-assembled, which means you will have an easier time using it. It has 12-inch aluminum spoke wheels and guards that not only make this trailer stable but also aesthetically appealing.

To add icing to the cake, this trailer is made from galvanized steel, which means it is built to last. In addition, its load bars can extend up to 78 inches and features D-rings tie-downs, which ensures your canoe secures well to your car for ease of travel.


  • Has an exceptional rugged construction
  • Can carry long canoes steadily and securely
  • It can be stored in an upright position hence save on space
  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which means your investment is secure


  • The lighting system is not quality enough
  1. Malone Trailer Two Kayak Transport Package

Malone is a renowned brand when it comes to making kayaks, canoes, and their accessories, and this is another great trailer from them that will not disappoint. It shares many similar features with other trailers from this brand we have reviewed here.

One of the features that make it stand out is the spare tire and a locking attachment it comes with. This makes it worth its higher price.

The trailer is designed to haul long canoes with lengths of up to 18 feet. It is made of galvanized steel with an aluminum cross rails of up to 60-inches. This makes the components of the trailer less prone to rust and corrosion, even when exposed to saltwater.

The wide cross rails make the entire structure durable and tough. What’s more, it has two sets of SeaWing carriers that allow for quick and easy mounting of your canoe.


  • It is easy to move around
  • The SeaWing carriers make load and unloading your canoe easier
  • It is stable and durable
  • Comes with a spare tire


  • It can take a lot of time to set up

Final Verdict

In summary, there are many choices in the market when it comes to canoe trailers. We have just narrowed your choice and make your work easier by reviewing the top 5 best products. All these canoe trailers are affordable, long-lasting, and durable, and can give you the best deal out of your money.

If we were to choose one among the five, we could choose the Malone MicroSport Trailer for Canoe and Kayaks. This trailer has a robust design with galvanized steel that allows it to resist corrosion and rust. It is also easy to set up and load. The trailer is stable, and you will rarely feel it when carrying it around.