4 Best Canoe Gloves: 2021 Ultimate Guide to Getting One

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If you like to go fishing during winter or autumn, then canoe gloves will always be one of the main items in your canoe trip equipment list.

When you are paddling in the cold, your hands will get frosty quickly. The fact is that, when temperatures are very low, even the slightest breeze will feel icy.

That’s why it is always a good idea to keep them protected, and this where the canoe gloves come into play. However, with so many brands out there and different styles available, it can be daunting to know which ones will suit your needs.

That’s why we have created this brief guide to help you understand how to choose the best canoe gloves, and also point the top 4 best in the market.

What Are Canoe Gloves or paddle gloves and Why Should You Use Them?

Canoe gloves are designed for paddling, and thus will tend to have waterproofing features to keep your hands protected from moisture and weather elements.

Unlike regular gloves, canoe gloves have non-slip fabric, especially on the palm side, to help you keep a firm grip on your paddle.

If you usually paddle during cold water or over long distances, then canoe gloves will help keep your hands protected against weather elements and blisters. They can be great for keeping your hands dry and warm, especially when paddling in cold weather conditions.

4 Best Canoe Gloves Rundown:

NeoSport 3/4 Finger Neoprene Gloves

If you like paddling in warm waters, then this is a pair of gloves you will like. Of course, what makes them great for people who enjoy water sports is their ¾ design that offers more control than full-finger models.

Besides having a great design, these gloves are also quality thanks to the material used. Instead of using neoprene alone, Neo-Sport added Spandex on the back of these gloves to make them more flexible.

The palm area has synthetic leather with padded and vented design to protect the palm area and lower fingers from blisters.

These neoprene gloves are designed to provide warmth and protection to your hands without sacrificing mobility. They will enable you to tightly hold the paddles and towlines. What’s more, they have a wrist fastener to keep them in place.


  • They offer reliable protection thanks to their padded synthetic-leather palms
  • They have an anatomical fit for more comfort
  • Features wrist straps for a dependable and secure fit
  • They are quick-drying, and thus great for canoe trips and boating
  • They are versatile, which means you can use them for biking, sailing, and other water sports


  • May not fit people with relatively big hands

The Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless gloves from Fishing Tree have been received warmly in the market, with many buyers praising it for its overall quality and SPF protection, especially for people who paddle on sunny days.

What makes these gloves one of the best canoe gloves is the traction and protection they provide. These lightweight canoe gloves feature a faux leather grip and high-quality spandex back area to provide excellent grip and breathability.

They are meant to provide sun protection and thus do not offer a lot of warmth for people who go fishing when it is cold.

The gloves are machine-washable, which means that you can throw them in a washing machine after you are done with your water activities.


  • They have breathable material to prevent sweating during hot days
  • Made of quality material and are double stitched for durability
  • They do offer sun protection
  • These gloves are machine-washable
  • Their fingerless design allows for more mobility


  • Not easy to take on and off
  • Their sizing might be too small

Perfect Curve Glove by Glacier

The Glacier Perfect Curve Glove is a good option for people looking for a pair of durable and warm gloves for cold weather canoe trips.

These full-finger gloves by Glacier are made from neoprene and are designed to keep you dry and warm while on the water. They have a 2mm fleece lining for added warmth, especially when you are paddling during cold weather. Their full-finger design gives you extra protection against cold and also protect your hands from blisters.


  • They are 100% waterproof
  • Have a pre-curved finger design to ensure more flexibility
  • Their seamless palm design makes it easier for you to grasp items
  • Have a pro strap to keep them attached to your hands
  • Made of breathable material for more comfort


  • They may be bigger for most people; suitable for people with large hands

BPS Double-Lined Gloves

If you are looking for canoeing gloves that are designed for cold-weather paddling, these BPS gloves could be a great choice. They have 3mm of neoprene material, which means they are double-lined for extra durability and warmth.

The palm area features a rubber pattern to increase grip. What’s more, the wrist straps feature a Velcro to give you a better fit and keep water outside.

We can recommend them for people who want to go for water sports during winter and cold weather.


  • They are glued and double-stitched for durability
  • Have an easily adjustable wrist closure for a better fit and to minimize water getting in
  • Have 3mm or 5mm double-lined neoprene for greater protection
  • Their textured palm area offers more grip especially when you are surfing or sailing
  • Cool designs and a great variety of sizes to choose from


  • They are not 100% waterproof


You don’t have to experience numb hands or get blisters after a long day of paddling. Grab any of the above pair of canoe gloves to help make your stay on the water more comfortable.

All the gloves we have reviewed here offer protection against weather elements and cold, all while ensuring you get a better grip of your paddle.

Whether you need a pair for summer or winter protection, we have offered different models for that.

Among the best model of the four is the BPS 3mm and 5mm gloves, which comes in six different sizes and have double-lined neoprene. It is the best glove for the money.

What to Consider When Buying Canoe Gloves

  1. Grip

One of the main things to check in a canoe glove is the grip on the palm area. You will want a glove with a non-slip palm area to help you keep a tight, firm grip on your paddle.

  1. Material

When looking for canoe gloves, you should go for those made of durable material such as neoprene, leather, or even durable synthetic leather. Also, go for those with fabrics that dry out quickly. This will be helpful when you get wet.

  1. Breathability

Having a pair of gloves with breathable fabric can be useful as moisture can be build up inside your gloves and become uncomfortable.

This will prevent moisture build-up and thus enable you to paddle comfortably for long distances.

  1. Type of gloves- full-finger or fingerless

There are two styles of canoe gloves, and you will probably find that it is just a matter of preference or peddling condition that will push you to choose a certain style.

  • Fingerless gloves

These are designed in a similar style as biker gloves; half your hand will be covered (fingers are exposed).

The benefit of having these gloves is that they allow your fingers to open, tie, or grab things such as water bottles and bags.

However, they may not offer full protection against cold as full-finger gloves offer. Also, your fingers may be exposed to blisters.

This style suit people who go for canoe trips in warmer conditions.

  • Full-finger gloves

Just as the name suggests, these gloves cover your entire palm area, including the fingers.

They are great for keeping your hands warm, especially when paddling in colder regions. Also, they can help keep blisters at bay.

However, on the downside, this style of gloves may restrict your ability to grasp or handle objects, such as gadgets or rope.