Choosing the Best Canoe for Family: Complete Buying Guide

Best Canoe for Family.

It is no doubt that the number of families owning canoes has increased significantly over the years. This is because there are so many leisure activities that involve canoes such as deer hunting, duck hunting etc. Read through to select the best canoe for family.

Some of these activities include enjoying the waterway with your family, fishing, or traveling to the other end of the lake or river, among others. Either way, canoes have proven to be very good at creating that bond among family members.

It tends to bring you together in a whole unique way and often leaves you smiling while enjoying each other’s company as well as fresh air in abundance.

Whether you are new at canoes or a prolific paddler, the most important thing is getting a canoe that is convenient and efficient. Remember, the type of family canoe you choose will determine how much you will enjoy your time on water.

Below is a list of things to consider when searching for a family canoe as well as the best family canoes in the market.

Best Canoe for Family: Things to consider

The biggest mistake you can ever make is to purchase a family canoe blindly. This move will always come back to haunt you in one way or another. You need to have a plan and on how you are going to execute the purchase.

Known what to consider and how much you are planning to spend. With that in your mind, you will definitely land yourself a good one. If you are unsure about something, confirm with the seller, they will be more than glad to help.

Some of the most important things to consider when selecting the best canoe for family include.

1. Type of canoe:

The first thing that you will need to consider is the type of canoe suitable for a family. There are numerous of them available, including recreational, river and multipurpose canoes.

Being a family canoe, you need to strike out the river type. This is because it usually involves cruising in whitewater rapids something that you won’t be doing with your family. You should then go ahead and take a look at the recreational type.

This one is meant for flat water paddling. It is considered to be very stable and difficult to capsize. You can comfortably use it for fishing, birding, cruising, and photography.

Another type to consider is the multipurpose canoe. This type  is built to adapt depending on the waters you are paddling in. It is suitable for both whitewater rapids as well as calm waters.

It often comes with a much bigger capacity and can easily maneuver on the waterway. You can also use it when going for long trips and when carrying big loads. Make sure you get the type of canoe that will offer the best experience without compromise.

2. Size of the canoe:

There are three aspects to look at when it comes to the size of the them. These are the length, width, and depth. If its a big one then it is hard to transport and might not fit some watercourse.

When considering the length. Long once are very usually easy to maneuver, fast, manageable, and most importantly, they always come with good carrying capacity. If the canoe is long enough, be sure that you will get the best stability. Short canoes, on the other hand, are usually very easy to control.

They, however, come with less space and stability. You should also consider the tallness of them. If the canoe is tall enough, it will definitely keep out water. This will mean that you and your family will remain dry for a better part of your cruise.

The width of them is the third aspect to consider when selecting. The wider the canoe, the more stable it will be on the water. It will also provide you with additional capacity. Narrow type, on the other hand, are very easy to maintain and control.

They are, however, very easy to tip too. From the analysis, it is ideal to go for a long, wide, and tall canoe. This will provide, stability, easy maneuverability, speed, and great capacity.

3. Weight:

The weight of the them determines how easy it will be to transport from one point to another. If you get a heavier canoe, you will definitely have a tough time getting it to the river and taking it back at home.

This will end up ruining your cruising mood, and no one in the family will ever look forward to that remarkable session. You should thus make sure that you try and get the lightest of them if possible. This will make it more portable and very easy to manage.

The best thing to do when considering the weight is to look at the number of people in your family. How many of them can be able to carry a canoe. You should then pick one that those people won’t have a problem carrying.

4. Seats:

You will be required to consider the number of seats available when picking. Remember that a canoe has the ability to carry between 1 and 4 paddlers or people. This means that if your family is bigger than that, you will have to take your kids one by one.

Any slight overloading of the canoes is a risk that you don’t need to take. Once you exceed the weight limit required, the canoe may end up tipping over or sinking.

You should also look at the material used to create the seats. The most common materials are plastic, wood, foam, or metal. Make sure that you pick a material that is comfortable for both you and your family. This way, you will end up having the best and comfortable time together.

Best Canoes for family: Recommended Product Reviews:

Below is a list of the best canoes for a family in the market. They have been selected depending on their capacity, maneuverability, and manageability. Each of them comes with distinct feature making it different from the other.

1. Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 15.6 Foot Double-Ended.

This is a great canoe that is meant for families. It comes with some of the best features to ensure you have an easy time on the water. It is made of UV stabilized fortiflex high destiny polythene.

This makes it one of the most durable canoes in the market. It comes with a length of 15 ft. and 6 inches and so you will find an easy time managing it on water. You have a chance to pick your desirable color among the ones available which are Hazelnut, Navy, or Camo.

The net weight of this is only 95 pound and has handles included on either side to aid during transportation.

Inside the canoe, there are three well-padded seats that can accommodate two paddlers and a passenger. Each seat comes with a cup holder. There is a cooler under the middle seat to hold cold drinks and other things.

Despite having a capacity of only three people, the canoe is spacious enough to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the time you will be floating on water.

There is also a rugged rub-rail that prevents clumsy paddlers from scouring the sides of the canoe while paddling.

This is the type  that will ensure you have a comfortable time with your family while enjoying the calm waters.

Very comfortable.
Has cup holders.
Comes with a cooler.
It is lightweight.

Doesn’t allow the use of a motor.
It is slow to paddle.

2. Old Town Rogue River 154 Recreational Square Stern Canoe.

Old Town Rogue River 154 is a 15ft and 5inches canoe that comes with a much better build. This has a thermoformed polythene hull that guarantees its durability.

The total weight of this is 118pounds, making it a bit heavy than other contemporary types.

Inside the canoe, there are a contoured bow and stern seats that are comfortable enough to make you enjoy every bit of the ride. Each seat has a molded cup holder with the center seat doubling as a fully functional cooler for storing numerous foods.

The recreational canoe can carry a net weight of 850pounds, which is great. The square ends means that you can include a motor with a maximum of 4 horsepower if at all you are not into paddling.

With a motor, you will be able to reach your destination in a matter of minutes. It is so one of the best if at all you are looking for something convenient, easy to manage, and spacious.

This also comes with a water-resistant hatch for carrying personal belongings. Every single inclusion has been designed to amplify the comfort of this type.

Has a lot of storage places.
Can fit a motor.
It has comfortable seats.
Comes with cup holders.
It is fitted with a cooler.

The canoe is quite heavy.

3. Sun Dolphin Scout Elite SS.

This is a durable canoe that comes with great features suitable for recreational activities. The Sun dolphin scout elite SS comes with a length of 14ft which is perfect for maneuverability.

This is made of UV stabilized Fortiflex High Density polythene and makes use of both double ended and flat back canoe aspects. The hull of this has a traditional look.

Unlike other canoes, it comes with a much smaller trolling motor mount and so you need to be careful when installing the motor. It also has a rod and paddle holder in case you decide to use the motor.

The inside of this is remarkable. This is because it has a very spacious hull and comfortable molded seats to aid in keeping the canoe afloat. Each seat has a storage section to keep your valuables and a cup holder to clutch either beverage or water.

This one has a capacity of 3 people. Its net weight is 84 pounds, and so you won’t have a problem carrying it from one point to another.

Given its incredible capacity, amazing space and other remarkable inclusions, Sun Dolphin Scout Elite SS seems to be the perfect family canoe.

It has a lightweight.
Comes with a motor section.
Has comfortable seats.
Comes in two colors.

It is a bit short.

4. Sevylor Ogden 2-Person Canoe Combo.

If you are looking for the best of them that is both cheap and reliable, then get Sevylor Ogden 2-Person Canoe Combo. This type is inflatable and the material used to make it is a heavy duty PVC with a rugged polyester cover.

For portability, it comes with a carrying bag and an efficient pump as well as a pressure gauge for inflating it. This means that you will end up having the easiest time moving it from one point to another.

Selvylor Ogden canoe comes with a carrying capacity of two people. This means that you will definitely have to take one by one if at all, your family is large.

The canoe also makes use of an airtight system to ensure that no air escapes while you are having the best time with your family.

Another feature that makes it the best one are the remarkable and comfortable seats it comes with. The seats are designed to make you feel at home right away.

You can adjust them to suit your height for additional comfort. The whole build of this is amazing, and its affordable price makes it a good choice to go for in the market.

Comes with optimum comfortability.
Has a durable build.
Has no leak guarantee.
It is inflatable thus portable.

Only carries two people.
Takes time to assemble.

Final verdict.

The above information is structured to enable you to make the best choice when purchasing a family canoe. Make sure you consider every vital detail. If at all you have no idea what canoe will give you the best time on water, the list above contains some of the most durable, efficient and convenient types with great carrying capacity. Among them, you can pick the best canoe for family.

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