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best canoe for deer hunting

Canoes come in different shapes and sizes. This is because every canoe is built for a specific purpose such as the best canoe for duck hunting or the best canoe for family. Read through to find out more on getting the best canoe for deer hunting.

There are those that are meant to be used on rivers while others are specifically designed to be used on calm and open waters like lakes and seas.

This is one of the main reasons why it is important to know exactly what you need the canoe for before purchasing it.


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What to choose
There are quite a number of things that you need to consider when looking for the best canoe for deer hunting. If you end up selecting the wrong canoe, you will have a very hard time keeping it on water, leave alone controlling it. With that said, below is a list of things you ought to consider when selecting the best canoe for deer hunting.

1. The size of the canoe.
The size of the canoe should be the first thing to consider. The bigger the canoe, the lesser portable it will be. This means that you will have a very hard time transporting it.

You also need to know how many people will be accompanying you whenever you go for deer hunting. This is because a huge canoe will need a lot of hands to get it on water. Finally, you need to remember deer hunting is mostly carried out along the river.

You have to ask yourself whether the canoe will fit in the places you are planning to sail on? If yes, go for it, if no pick another one.

2. Length of the canoe.
The length of the canoe should be determined by the place you will be sailing it on. A good deer canoe hunting is usually a bit wide and short. This is because you need something that will be easy to maneuver and control while on the river.

Remember, long and narrow canoes are usually good for speed. When hunting for a deer, you don’t require speed but rather easy maneuverability and great balance. Any sudden movement will end up spooking the deer.

3. Storage.
It is obvious that once you hunt a deer, you will need to bring some or all of it with you. That is why you require ample storage. Most modern canoes come with storage so that won’t be a problem.

You should make sure that they are spacious enough to carry even your personal things. If possible, pick one that has a cooler in which you can store multiple soft drinks and snacks. These will be able to keep you company throughout your hunting expedition.

4. Cost of the canoe.
The last and most important factor to consider is how much the canoe costs. You might end up finding the best canoe that has everything you want. But then, the price is above your budget.

That is why the cost of the canoe is very important. Make sure you don’t carry too little, chances are that you will end up with something that is not good enough for deer hunting. Have at least more than you want to spend.

This will prevent you from missing out on a great canoe just because of a few dollars.

Recommended product reviews:-
Pin pointing the best canoe for deer hunting can be a huge problem. This is because there are so many other minute factors that you need to consider. But worry not, if you have never purchased a canoe before and you are wondering which one will best suit your needs.

Refer to the product reviews below. They will give you a wide scope that will help you select an amazing canoe for deer hunting.

1. Old Town Canoes Discovery 119 Solo Canoe.

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Discovery 119 Solo Canoe is one of the quietest and most stable canoe that you will ever come across. It has a wide base designed to provide extra stability. Its design is amazing and very compact.

It is the type of canoe that you need to use for hunting in the river. As the name suggests, Discovery 119 Solo Canoe only carries a single person. The rest of the canoe is just empty space for placing your game after hinting.

The canoe comes with a nicely woven nylon seat. This will give you the comfortability required to remain still as you look out for the deer.

The body, on the other hand, is made of three layers of polythene. That alone is enough to make Discovery 119 Solo Canoe last longer without exhibiting any signs for depreciation.

You will also find the weight of the canoe to be very impressive. You can easily carry it to and from the river without help.

Comes with two color designs to pick from.
It is durable.
The canoe is very portable.
It is short thus good for hunting.
Has so much space for your game.

Lacks cooler storage.
It is only meant for one person.

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2. Mad River Journey 156 Canoe

Mad River Journey 156 canoe is the best choice for anyone who wants something that will last longer. The canoe comes with a great design that is both ideal and very unique.

The first thing you will notice is its durable built made of three 3 layer polythene. This guarantees that the canoe will last longer than you expect. Inside the canoe, you will find two nylon woven seats. You can thus bring your best friend to your hunting expedition.

The large space available is enough to accommodate your deer. The canoe has a net weight of 83 pounds only.

This is a perfect indication that you won’t have any problems transporting it. Mad River Journey 156 Canoe also has great stability that you will need on the river while hunting.

It will also make sure that you have a very easy time ducking obstacles swiftly.

Easy to control.
It is very durable.
Comes with plenty of storage space.
Has comfortable seats.
Has great stability.

It doesn’t have space to store personal items.
It doesn’t come with a cooler.

3. Mycanoe 2.5 plus Origami Folding.

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This canoe is designed with two things in mind, convenience, and efficiency. This is because Mycanoe 2.5 plus Origami is a foldable canoe that you can literally carry anywhere.

When assembled, the canoe provides a good space that will definitely come in handy. The foldable design assures you that you won’t have to worry about both its storage needs and its transportation needs. It is simply the best canoe for hunting deer.

You will also be amazed to learn that the material that makes Mycanoe 2.5 plus Origami Folding canoe is of high quality. The polypropylene used has a 15year UV treatment making it very durable.

The unit weighs only 52lbs when fully assembled and assembling it takes only 15 minutes.

There are two seats built to ensure you have a comfortable time on water. With this canoe, you will always enjoy hunting.

Very lightweight.
It is completely portable.
The canoe can withstand up to 20000 folds.
It is fitted with comfortable seats.
Comes with a bag to store it during transportation.

It is quite expensive compared to other canoes.

It is not as durable as other canoes.

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4. SunDolphine Mackinaw SS 15.6 Foot Canoe: Best Product Overall

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Despite its long length, SunDolphine Mackinaw SS 15.6 Foot canoe is one of the best hunting canoes in the market. This is because it has so many great features that most hunting canoes lack.

It comes with three seats. But if you want to carry the deer comfortably, you will have to leave the middle seat vacant. All these seats have coolers below them for carrying soft drinks that you will enjoy while hunting.

The seats are also well padded to give you the comfort you requires throughout your expedition.

The hull of the canoe is made of rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex polythene. This guarantees its durability. The wide base will ensure you have the stability required to remain afloat, and the green color will act as a perfect camouflage. This will enable you to approach the deer without being noticed.

There is also a molded tray which you can use to hold your personal items without fear of getting them wet

It comes with very comfortable seats.
Has a cooler.
It has a good carrying capacity.
The canoe is durable.
You can easily mount a motor if you want to.
Comes with cup holders.

The canoe is a bit long.
It is pricey.
Has only one color to pick from.

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Final Conclusion

Hunting is a very good leisure activity. You will, however, need a very good canoe for you to enjoy it even more. Do also check out the post on the best canoe for hunting and fishing.

Before you go out to shop for the best canoe for deer hunting. You will need to consider some things such as the size, length, storage, and cost of the canoe and the Sundolphin has it all.

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These will enable you to get the best canoe for hunting. In case you are too green in the arena, you can always look at the product reviews above to have a hint on what to look for.

Don’t forget that your hunting expedition will be as good as the canoe you use.