Best Canoe for Bowron Lakes: How To Guide 2019

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Canoeing the Bowron Lakes is a commitment, and to make sure that you will be safe and have fun on your trip, you must make sure that you have the best canoe for you.

Finishing the circuit in just 4 to 10 days means that you must plan ahead for camping and bringing all of the gear that you will need with you. Luckily, however, there are some great canoes on the market today that will be wonderful options to consider.

This longer expedition requires the right canoe for success, which means that you need to carefully choose the best canoe for Bowron Lakes so that you don’t run into problems on your trip.

Old Town Guide 147

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Not only is the hull on this canoe incredibly strong, but the canoe also features impressive stabilization features that help to prevent the canoe from tipping or taking on water. The supportive chairs are easy to adjust and allow for users to stretch out when they have been in the canoe for hours.


  • Features impressive 900-pound capacity
  • Only weighs 82 pounds, making portage easy
  • Features plenty of room for two passengers and plenty of gear
  • Durable hull is ideal for taking in and out of the water
  • Backrests on the seats are adjustable for comfort


  • Exterior easily scratches, lowering the appearance
  • Sides are a little shallow

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Old Town Discovery 169

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Perfect for carrying all of the necessities for a long canoeing trip into the wilderness, this impressive canoe is built to last.

The durable hull, high-quality seats, and molded handles make handling this canoe a breeze.

At just 91 pounds, it’s light enough for two users to easily carry without a lot of difficulty.


  • Nylon-webbed seats are breathable and incredibly comfortable
  • Extra-long hull design is great for long distances
  • Comfortable carrying handles make portaging the canoe easy
  • Measures almost 17’ long, which means that users can bring all of their gear
  • Depth of 15” offers stability on the water


  • Seats don’t have backs
  • Doesn’t feature any built-in storage

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Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS

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Designed to be wide enough to carry everything needed when canoeing and camping, this canoe has built-in storage that makes keeping valuables close easier than ever.

With room for three canoers, this canoe is ideal for family trips into the lake. At 104 pounds, three people can easily move this canoe across land.


  • Includes built-in fishing rod holders
  • Easy to balance with gear to prevent tipping
  • Durable high-density polyethylene material is strong
  • Has plenty of room for dry storage in and between the seats
  • Built-in cup holders keep drinks nearby


  • Molded seats don’t offer a lot of support
  • Can easily dent on sharp rocks

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Old Town Guide 160

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Old Town is known for making longer canoes that are great for use on longer trips, and this one is no exception. The backs on the seats help canoers stay comfortable when on the water.

With plenty of length comes a lot of room for gear, coolers, and food, although there isn’t any built-in storage, which can be frustrating.


  • Molded handles make it easy to carry the 86-pound canoe
  • Ash carrying yoke makes portaging fast and painless
  • Contoured seats also offer adjustable backrests to provide support
  • Stabilizing chines offer durability and stability in all conditions
  • Measures 16’ long, making speed in the water easier than ever


  • Seats are not comfortable for all users
  • Doesn’t have any built-in storage

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How to Choose the Best Canoe for Bowron Lakes


The Bowron Lakes are huge and, generally speaking, won’t require a lot of fine maneuvering. This means that canoers can opt for any length of canoe that they want, depending on how quickly they want to be able to cut through the water.

Longer canoes tend to take more time to get to speed, but once they are moving fast, they are easy to maintain. When a canoe is longer, they will be less affected by strong winds and will be easier to paddle over longer distances, which is key when in the Bowron Lakes.

Since this trip is such a long distance, opting for a longer canoe not only ensures that it is easy to control, but also that it is much more stable.


Since canoeing Bowron Lakes can take a few days, it’s important to choose a canoe that is very comfortable and won’t be difficult to use for days at a time. While molded seats are very common on a lot of canoes, they don’t generally offer the support and comfort of softer seats.

Seats that can be adjusted so that they fit the body correctly are a good option, as they will allow canoers to get the perfect fit. This ensures that canoers will be as comfortable as possible during this long ride.


Bringing all necessities in a canoe can be tricky if the canoe doesn’t offer plenty of storage space. Longer canoes, in general, will have a lot more storage than smaller ones will, which is another reason to look for a longer canoe.

It’s also important to consider storage that is built into the seats, as this makes it easy to keep items close by and ensure that they are safely up and out of reach of the water.


The depth of a canoe is important to consider. Canoes that are deeper will have much more storage space, which is ideal for longer trips. These canoes are also a lot less likely to allow water into the canoe when in rough conditions.

The problem with taller sides on a canoe, however, is that they can be negatively affected by the wind. Shallower canoes won’t be buffeted by strong winds, but don’t offer as much storage space and will let water into the canoe during storms.

Final Conclusion

Designed for long trips and to offer plenty of storage space, the Old Town Guide 147 is a comfortable canoe that is easy to control and long enough to offer speed.

Even though it is long enough for a fast ride, it is still relatively easy to maneuver and control. The comfortable seats are ideal for long trips through the Bowron Lakes.