Best Canoe for Bass Fishing: 2021 Guide

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Bass fishing is a lot of fun, but without the right canoe you may feel cramped and unable to easily move around on the water. if you want to make the most of your time bass fishing, then you simply must make sure that you have the best canoe with you.

Doing research now will ensure that you find the best canoe for bass fishing and that you can easily bring back everything that you catch. It can be overwhelming to find the perfect canoe for your trip, but knowing what you need to look for will make your job much easier.

Sea Eagle TC16

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This canoe is wide enough to provide plenty of space for storage, making it a great option for bass fishing. The comfortable chairs are ideal for long hours on the water and offer enough padding to prevent users from being uncomfortable. Since it is so sturdy and stable, it’s easy to stand up to cast or reel in fish.


  • Inflates in just seven to nine minutes
  • Weighs just 61 pounds, but can support up to 845 pounds
  • Made from durable 1000 denier reinforced
  • Flat bottom is great for preventing the canoe from tipping over
  • Carrying handles make portage easy


  • Not everyone likes the feel of an inflatable canoe
  • Doesn’t have a built-in cooler

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Old Town Saranac 146

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There are two comfortable seats in this canoe, but the middle bench can double as a place to sit for smaller passengers. The molded-in carrying handles make it easy to transport the canoe, and the impressive 750-pound capacity is great for taking the whole family out bass fishing. With a flat bottom and wide middle, this is very stable.


  • Has built-in bench seat for storing bait and caught fish
  • Molded-in cupholders and rods make fishing easy
  • Adjustable backrests provide plenty of support
  • Abrasion-resistant hull is durable and won’t easily damage
  • At 14’ 6”, this canoe offers plenty of storage space


  • Exterior can easily be marked
  • Middle seat isn’t comfortable for long periods of time

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Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS

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While this canoe doesn’t have backrests on the seats, the contoured designs makes them very comfortable. There’s plenty of room for storing tackle and other gear, making this great for a day out catching bass.

The two-year warranty on both hull and parts gives users peace of mind when ordering this canoe.


  • Square-backed canoe design can also be used with a trolling motor
  • Features built-in cooler and storage in the center seat
  • Has built-in fishing rod holders
  • UV-stabilized hull can be used for hours in the sun without damage
  • Contoured seats are comfortable


  • Tends to be very tippy with just one person
  • Exterior can easily be damaged on rocks or logs

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Old Town Next Watercraft

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Canoers who struggle to control longer options and don’t like sitting low in the canoe will appreciate this 13’ option and the higher seat. With a great load capacity and an incredibly stable design, this canoe is not going to rock or tip in the water, even when pulling in large bass.


  • Polyethylene hull is triple layered for durability and stability
  • Unique design allows users to sit higher in the canoe for comfort and leverage
  • Exceptional 450-pound capacity
  • Comfortable seat is adjustable and allows for relaxation while fishing
  • Bracing system gives users leverage when on the water


  • Doesn’t offer a lot of storage room for items and gear
  • Only for use by a single person

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Final Conclusion

Even though many people are surprised to see inflatable canoes outperforming their traditional counterparts, the Sea Eagle TC16 is designed to not only last, but to exceed expectations.

It won’t rock in the water and is incredibly rigid, even though it is very light and easy to transport. The protected floor in the canoe means that when anything comes loose, it won’t rock around and make a lot of noise.

Shipped with a travel bag, adjustable canoe seats, removable skeg, piston pump, gauge, repair kit, and instructions, this canoe is everything that a bass fisherman needs to get out on the water.