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The 5th wheel hitch can be of plenty of different types. That is why, when you’re looking for a 5th wheel hitch for ram, you will find numerous options as well.

To help you choose between these options, we have compiled a list of the 5 best 5th wheel hitch for ram.

Before we share the 5 best options with you, it is time to understand how to choose between these 5 options.

How To Choose 5th wheel hitch for ram?
While comparing the different 5th wheel hitch for ram, you should consider things like:

· Construction quality:
The hitch should consist of a durable material like steel or carbide. In that case, it can certainly handle a lot of weight. The wear and tear is also on the lower side.

· Noise:
Often, when you’re using the hitch regularly, it makes a lot of noise. That way, you will disturb yourself and the other riders on the road adjacent to you. That is never a good proposition. To avoid all of this, you have to choose a Hitch which makes little to no noise. That way, you will be able to move around the hitch as well as the 5th wheel easily.

· Installation:
The 5th wheel hitch should be compatible with the truck you have. You have to look at the compatibility criteria for the hitch, and after that, you have to take a call.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for the best 5th wheel hitch for ram, the five options below will suffice. That is why, once you go through this list, you won’t have to worry about compatibility.

· Latching mechanism:
While buying a Hitch, you have to also find out about the latching mechanism. It can have a cam-based latching mechanism or a usual latching mechanism along with the coupling indicator. Both of these are suitable. They help you in latching the 5th wheel and also indicate the latching position. That way, there is no margin of error.

While comparing the best 5th wheel hitch for ram, these are the 4 things to consider. Once you compare them on these 4 parameters, it will become easier to choose the best one. It is not time to look at the best 5th wheel hitch for ram.

  1. B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball 1384:

    The advantage of this hitch is that it has a one-piece design. The one-piece design means the durability is excellent. The powder-coated design ensures that you won’t have to worry about wear and tear due to the weather.
    With existing bolts compatible with the existing holes, you will not have to worry about drilling any other holes as well. With the help of 5/8 inch steel locking pins, you can be sure that the hitch is entirely secure as well.

The flexible latch pin handle allows you to store the 5th wheel which you want.

Thus, when looking for a sturdy 5th wheel hitch for ram, you can consider this one.


· One-piece design
· Powder-coated design
· Easy to use
· Flexible latch pin handle


· Limited instructions

  1. B&W Companion Slider 5th Wheel Trailer RV Gooseneck Hitch:

    The advantage of this hitch is that it offers you 12 inches of movement. That is why maneuvering the 5th wheel is undoubtedly going to be easy.

When you look at the vertical adjustments, you can adjust it at 17 inches, 18 inches, and 19 inches.

The coupler head is such that you will be able to take turns easily. That is why controlling the 5th wheel is also easy.

Since you can automatically latch it in both directions, you won’t have to spend a lot of time coupling it either.

Whichever way you look at it, this 5th wheel hitch does not disappoint.


· 12 inches of movement
· Easy to couple
· Three vertical adjustments
· Easy to control 5th wheel movement


· Bit bulky

  1. B & W Companion 5Th Wheel Hitch:

    The cam latching mechanism which this hitch has on offer makes it durable. Not only that, it means that it attaching as well as removing the hitch is undoubtedly going to be easy.

Additionally, the 1-inch thick locking jaw means that your 5th wheel is entirely secure.

It is compatible with the 4 pucks in the truck bed. That is why it becomes easier for you to drive around.

The smooth towing mechanism which this 5th wheel hitch provides makes it stand out.


· Secure locking jaw on offer
· Cam latching mechanism on offer
· Smooth towing experience
· Compatible with 4 pucks


· Packaging needs improvement

  1. CURT 16041 E16 5th Wheel Hitch:

    The dual pivoting head of this hitch makes it easy for you to attach the 5th wheel. Not only that, it offers you 10� of lateral movement. That is why driving on any terrain is easy.

The auto-locking mechanism means that your 5th wheel is entirely secure. There is an anti-rattle design, which means that you won’t have to worry about any noise.

The gross towing weight of 16,000 lbs does not disappoint. Moreover, since it is compatible with most 8 feet beds and the puck system, it is certainly an excellent option.

The powder-coated design and the carbide construction mean that the durability is excellent.

The excellent sturdiness and compatibility make it a reliable choice.


· Dual pivot head
· Anti-rattle design
· Auto-locking mechanism
· High towing weight capacity


· Finishing can be better

  1. CURT 16045 Q20 5th Wheel Hitch:

    The completely quiet operation of this hitch makes it a good choice. Besides that as well, it has a patented design which further increases the durability.

The coupling indicator lets you know right away the status of the 5th wheel. There is a 3 position indicator on offer, which ensures that there is no confusion.

The short-throw handle makes it easy to use. The gross towing weight of 20,000 lbs does not disappoint either.

The excellent compatibility makes it suitable for almost any truck bed.

Thus, if you’re looking for a quiet 5th wheel hitch for ram, you can consider this option.


· 3 position indicator
· Completely quiet operation
· Ergonomic design
· High towing weight


· Installation takes time

Thus, when looking for the best 5th wheel hitch for ram, these are the five options to consider. Before choosing between these five options, take a look at the answers to some of the FAQs below.

Can Ram Box tow the 5th Wheel?
Yes, the Ram box can tow the 5th wheel, but you might need extra accessories to do the same.

Can you remove Ram box?
Yes, it is certainly possible to remove the Ram box.

Final thoughts:
While searching for the best 5th wheel hitch for ram, these are the 5 options that you need to consider. Once you consider these 5 options, you won’t have to search for any other hitch options. These are simply the best on offer, which makes it easy to tow your 5th wheel.